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Top 10 Anniversary Party Game Ideas

Top 10 Anniversary Party Game Ideas

When you have easy and thrilling party games, your anniversary event will be sure to be a fun and friendly occasion. Top 10 Anniversary Party Game Ideas - Easy Event Fun Friendly TimeThroughout the time, you can have various little diversions such as these. Now, they can concentrate basically on the event couple, yet are enjoyable for everyone, as it should be. Additionally, games are great for breaking the ice; any strangers will begin to get to know each other, and the gathering will feel considerably more lively. Usually at anniversary parties, various ages are in attendance, so these fun event game ideas incorporate all ages so that everyone feels included.

1. Who Knows Them Best?

This game will provide some funny answers to test your guests’ knowledge. Interview your parents before the party. Collect answers on 10 to 20 questions that are not embarrassing, just fun and personal. For instance, you could use the location of their first date, their song of their first dance at their wedding, first pet together, where they met, interesting habits, funny anecdotes, etc. Type out & print the questions on paper with room to write the answers ahead of time. Make sure there will be enough sheets and pens for everyone, plus a few extras. Award prizes for the funniest answers and the one with the most correct answers as desired. Be sure to read the answers out loud (at least the funny ones) at the end to add to the fun spirit of the game!

2. Wedding Year Trivia

Yes, trivia from the year the couple was married! This is similar to the above “Who Knows Them Best” game, but instead of facts about the couple, these are general questions about what happened the year that they were married. Yes, it is skewed towards the older guests, so if you have a lot of children in attendance, you could pair them up in teams with older guests and have them work together. Type out and print each question on paper with space to compose the answers before your party. Ensure there will be sufficient sheets of paper and pens for everybody, in addition to a couple of additional items. Honor prizes for the most amusing answers and the one with the most right answers as before. Make sure to share the answers out loud so everyone can hear (especially the clever ones) as this definitely makes the game even more fun!

3. A Personalized Song

Despite the fact that it can humiliate and may appear to be senseless, singing a tune to your folks will help them to remember all the brilliant times you have had over the years. Select a popular tune or favorite song from their lives, then revamp the words to suit your own family. Make verses about youthful recollections or interesting encounters you have had together. Perform the song at this gathering for overwhelming measures of laughter and tears.

4. The Relationship Quiz

Your parents will share the stage in this funny and interesting game! Place two seats back-to-back, with one parent sitting in each one. Then, have a “host” ask the couple a bunch of fun questions regarding little details in their marriage. For example, who is the better cook?, who is more thrifty?, or the name of their wedding tune. They will each write their answers on a different sheet of paper, with candy or a little prize given for each correct, matching answer.

Another way to go is to play this like the Newlywed Game, except that this rendition is intended to test the couple on how well they recollect events from their years of marriage. Prior to the gathering, organize questions to ask them. For example, “What time did you get hitched?”, “On what date were engaged?” and “What was your wedding song (first dance)?” The host will ask either the husband or wife to answer the inquiries before the celebration and record his or her reactions. Then during the party, the other half of the couple will be asked the same questions. Request that their guests predict the number of questions the couple will get the same. Then, award a prize to the guest whose prediction is the closest!

5. Who’s That Couple?

Supplies needed: Sticky notes, numbered paper & pens.

While you’re celebrating this anniversary, you can also recognize the marriages of your wonderful guests! Prior to the party date, ask all the wedded couples to bring in an old wedding photograph from their own special day. As visitors arrive, gather their photographs. Write numbers on sticky notes and affix one to the back of every photograph, then invite the guests to play “Match the Couple.” You may want to have a small table with a list of the names of each married couple and where you can place each photo, so that your guests can walk up and easily view all the photos. Have your guests guess which picture belongs to which couple – by writing their answers down on a numbered sheet of paper (or writing down numbers and names on a plain sheet of paper). Once everyone has guessed, share the correct answers. The person who correctly paired up the most photos with the couples wins!

6. Name that Tune

Name That Tune is an amusing game appreciated by all! Select a variety of music from the decade when the happy couple was married. Play the tunes for a short time, then stop. The first person to accurately recognize the tune gains a point. Be sure to keep track of these points. The individual with the most points after all the songs are complete, wins!

7. Musical Chairs

Often thought of as a child’s game, but great fun to play if you have energetic and active guests! This is also a great game to involve younger guests and children. You can even have two different games, one for adults and another for children. Use the songs from “Name that Tune” above.

8. Anniversary Year Lore

For this game, everyone gets a sheet of paper with the years 1-15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 55, 60 & 70 on it. They get to list what the traditional wedding gift is for that year. Bonus points for listing the modern wedding gift and the traditional wedding colors.

7thWool/CopperDesk Sets
10thTin/AluminumDiamond Jewelry
11thSteelFashion Jewelry
13thLaceTextile Furs
14thAnimalsGold Jewelry

1st  – Gold or Yellow

2nd  – RedTop 10 Anniversary Party Game Ideas - Easy Event Fun & Friendly Time

3rd – White

4th & 5th  – Blue

6th – Purple

7th  – Onyx

8th  – Tourmaline

9th – Lapis Lazuli

10th – Silver
Alternate: Blue

11th – Turquoise

12th – Jade

13th – Citrine

14th – Opal

15th – Ruby Red

16th – Emerald Green

17th  – Yellow

18th  – Blue

19th  – Bronze

20th – Emerald Green
Alternate: White

25th – Silver

30th – Green

35th – Coral

40th  – Ruby Red

45th – Sapphire Red

50th  – Gold

55th – Emerald Green

60th – Diamond White

65th – Sky Blue

70th – Platinum

9. Dance-off Competition

All the guests pair up for this dance-off! Somebody will be chosen as the judge before the event starts. Pick categories for judging beforehand. For instance – you could have best dancer, craziest dancer, best dance move, and / or silliest dancer.

10. Who am I?

Select the names of various prominent big name celebrities, likewise including the ones who were famous in the year the couple got hitched. Now print (or write) the names on sheets of paper, and stick them on the back of each player. Next, they should meander around and make inquiries about the character stuck on their backs (e.g. “is it a man or lady?” or “is she a performing artist or model?” and so forth.). The answers ought to just be in “yes” or “no” form. All the while, guests will be mingling and talking with each other in a fun way, of course. The first person to figure out their character wins!

Now, here are more 50th anniversary party ideas to help you plan your event, and a wide variety of personalized wedding photo anniversary invitations to suit any style of celebration!

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