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To think, a lost cell phone started it all…

To think, a lost cell phone started it all - Review Blog YearTo think, a lost cell phone started it all! As the year comes to a close, Darren has presented one more group writing challenge – to review the blog year and/or preview the upcoming year.

It all began on May 28th, 2006, with The Eternal Hunt for the Cell Phone, which received so many nice comments and links that I decided to create a blog about all of Lil’ Duck’s adventures. Shortly thereafter, I moved my photo card business over to the same domain, which was an excellent move and has done wonders for my business traffic.

We continued the ducky love as he embarked on such adventures as decorating my computer keyboard and dumping an entire container of vegetable oil all over my carpet, Ducky and himself.

Traffic increased dramatically after hosting the Carnival of the Vanities (twice!) & playing along with the Thursday Thirteeners and it has only continued to increase at an amazing rate (who knew that the life of a little toddler was so interesting!). The business has taken off and has kept me very busy over the past few weeks with the many holiday card orders that I have filled.

I’m so excited to see what the next year will hold – for the business side of things, I’m adding many more wedding-themed products (not that I haven’t been doing some already, but they will be featured as official products now), including save the date cards, thank you cards, engagement and wedding announcements & even some photo wedding invitations.

For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I can’t just leave the web design alone, I always have to be updating and tweaking it, so next year will be no exception! The tales of Lil’ Duck and his beloved stuffed ducks will continue, as well as building the toddler advice/ideas sections into greater resources for parents. I hope to have more time to review products and even some books next year, something about which I receive requests all the time but rarely actually have time to read, much less review on the blog.

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  3. Five Things You Did Not Know About the Information

    Paticipation in Darren Rowse

  4. Hi,

    I just went through the list of post on the group writing project.
    I loved to read your story and postet a link to Your Post on my own blog.

    Have a merry christmas and a happy New Year
    best wishes from Germany


    PS: I translated my own post to the group writing project to English, so just in case, You would like to have a look – You are welcome. :-)

  5. That was interesting to read the genesis of your site.

    I followed your link from Thanks for posting the entries to the writing projects!


  6. Hey Mama Duck! Another great post and I concur with the rest about the book idea and the nice site design. I tweak mine fairly often, too. With this medium, it’s a pretty good idea to make small changes on a regular basis as long as it doesn’t take focus away from your blogging. Also, the idea of combining your personal blog and business is sheer brilliance. Have a great and successful holiday and new year!

  7. good linkbaiting. Way to go!

  8. I hope your great plans go well next year.
    Your cards are just lovely, especially the holiday cards. It is good to know that you are around on the internet, I will keep that in mind when my family starts to grow. :)

  9. I really like the duck analogy. The post will be a great wedding gift one day.

    I am adding you to my technorati favorites for review.

    Rob Schaumer (Fellow Group Poster)

  10. Cute post! Here’s mine, good luck in the contest! (And thanks for stopping by last time!! :)

  11. ha ha… lil duck surfs the web, sans cell phone. Don’t let ducky climb any mountains until a new waterproof cellphone is purchased.

  12. It’s been fun seeing the different adventures you’ve come through. I first found you guys through one of Darren’s earlier projects and always look forward to your entries. Have enjoyed stopping by and reading you this year. Best of luck in the future.
    Deb/Jersey Girl

  13. Its been fun reading the lil duck’s adventure …Hope you have a wonderful new year …and your blog is great subscribing to it ..

  14. I like look and feel. Nice template you have on your blog. And all the best for year 2007.

  15. I, too, like the look of your site. Great post, and great entry.

  16. Nice post! By the way, your site is beautiful! I’m sure nobody would mind if you left the design this way for a while. ;)

  17. Lil duck is just cute. ;)

    This project is great, getting to read new blogs before the year ends. Cheers!

  18. Hi Mama Duck! Thanks for the kindness of your comment. I too wish you a happy, fun and safe New Year! 2007 will be spectacular!!

    I enjoyed this project post..

  19. Your website looks great, always improving!
    Another great group writing blog, well done, nicely reviewed and lots of links! My post for the group writing project is up too… Click on my name above.

  20. You are always very entertaining and innovative. I like to drop by here to get a pick me up every now and again.

    Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving the link.


  21. Wow! You have more links on this site than I do! :) Thanks for visiting my entry in the G.W.Project.

    This kind of reminds me how I created my PetLvr blog. It was originally an extension of our pets’ dog website, which was getting more traffic than all my other sites at the time .. Now, I just post pictures of the critters in there (

    You can’t argue with the public, be it papillon dogs or duckies .. it’s good to go with the flow, or cute looking things. As for your decor, it’s my first time here so I’ll have to come back and see if there are any changes.

  22. Hi Mama Duck! Just wanted to stop to say thanks for leaving me a note on my blog, and for the invite to come see what you submitted to Problogger! I concur with monchster about the theme of your blog too. “lil duck duck” – Great name, and a nice Christmas Picture of lil’ duck too. You’ve only been doing this since Hope you liked my Television in 2006 review, and had a good laugh.

    Merry Christmas!

  23. Thanks for the comment over at my site — I always think keeping it simple and straightforward are best.

    And thanks also for pointing me to your post. I enjoy your very personal writing style.

    In fact, I’m going to have to keep an eye on you, so you’re now in my feed reader :)

    Happy Holidays.

  24. Love the blog’s theme… ever think of writing a children’s book???

  25. This was a great read. Sometimes the best things come unexpectedly.
    I will be sure to visit more often. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.

    Take Care!

  26. Great work, sounds like a successful year. I’ll be sure to pop by in 2007 :)

  27. Hehehe, that’s a good story! :) I do like the look and feel of your site and I enjoy stopping by. I’m going to have to go through your archives in more detail though!

    I see you are a problogger prediction/review participant.

    Good luck,

    Writing Aspirations

  28. Yes, tweaking…an insane habit of pleasure I must say! Your blog looks great and I have added your feed to Bloglines! :)

  29. wow got some great plans for the next year…

  30. I like Josh Mayer’s idea of the book. With all the self-publishing sites out there (such as,, etc) you could have a lot of fun putting it together!

    And thanks for commenting on my posting!

  31. Hi, I discovered your blog via Darren’s group writing project. I’m glad I stopped by. Thank you for sharing all these things with us. I’ll come back for more.
    Merry Christmas!

  32. Saw your comment on my blog and decided to check your site, I must confess you are doing a pretty good job here. I will definitely call back.:)

  33. Wow you got some ideas of business.Looks like i got one more blog i have to feed.


  34. hhmmm…maybe it’s time to dress up a duck for The Garage!

  35. Thanks for leaving a comment on my entry. I always love reading your entries to the group writing projects and your other posts are fun to read as well.

    All the best in 2007.

  36. Aww. I love your site, Mama Duck. Good luck assisting your little peanut in new adventures.

    I’ll be back to read how you’re surviving ;)

  37. So that’s how you got started. I’m still amazed at how much traffic you genereated in the short time since you have been blogging.

  38. Oh, Yan, that’s highly amusing to me, but so sweet. He is my little toddler – – who gets into these things ;).

  39. I know this may sounds dumb but I reached this site from Problogger.

    Who’s lil Duck?! Do you actually have a duck that decorates your computer keyboard and dumps an entire container of vegetable oil all over your carpet?

    Btw I have participated also in Darren’s Group Writing Project. Your comments will be really appreciated.

  40. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my site! I just checked out your products and I think they are great! Your site will probably be a great resource for me when my baby arrives! Good luck for the ProBlogger Project!

  41. Ah, site design. I’d drive myself completely nuts if I could. I’d *always* want to be tweaking the site, never satisfied. Sometimes I just have to tell myself to stop.
    Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2007.

  42. wow, I really like what you’ve done with the place!! You have been busy!

    You should really consider a Tales of Lil’ Duck Book to consolidate your stories…

    It’s also neat that you are interested in whatever comes next for technology, you certainly are able to use it well…

  43. Thanks for the comment on my project at I am going to try and hook you up with my friend Kristi. I think that you both would have alot in common. Merry Christmas

  44. Your blog is always entertaining! I think the “duck” theme works wonderfully. I’ve been thinking of adding an animal theme to my marketing blog–but all I can think of is Grizzly Bear Marketing, and that seems to aggressive…Grizzly Duck? Happy Holidays!

  45. Loved the recap. I’ll post something like this on my own blog.

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