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How to Scan In Your Photos for Your Cards

How to Scan In Your Photos for Your Cards

Scanning in your photos can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t consider yourself tech savvy. However, it is actually a fairly simple process, and with a couple of quick pointers, we will have you scanning in your photos in no time.

Here is a visual guide to use with the instructions below.

STEP 1 – putting your photos on the scanner:

This is the easiest step. Make sure the photo is flush on two corners of the glass. Most scanners have a small icon that looks like a page and is sometimes accompanied by an arrow. This is where the two flush corners should be.

Do not put your photos in the center of the scanner and make them as straight as possible (not crooked, although we can adjust them if they are not perfectly straight, no worries).

STEP 2 – setting up the software:

All scanners are different. However there are 2 things that make them all the same. 99.9% of them have the ability to change resolution and scale. Resolution determines how clear and sharp the picture is at various sizes. The higher the resolution, the bigger the picture can be enlarged. Scale is simply the adjusted size of the original picture.  Set both the resolution and scale to 300 (% and dpi). Just be sure to scan as a .jpg. Do not use .png or .bmp settings as those compress your image.

STEP 3 – selecting only the photo:

Most scanners will want to scan the entire glass bed of your scanner in unless you tell it differently. Look for a segmented line that you can drag and resize so that only the photo on the glass bed is selected. That way the scanner knows to only scan in the photo, and not all the extra empty glass.

STEP 4 – sending your photos

This part is the easiest. There are 2 ways to send us your photos:


– Simply open your email program of choice and attach the photo you just scanned in and send it to “” with your order number in the subject line. Be sure to send one or two photos at a time. More than that can cause the email to be blocked by your ISP


– Go to our online drop box at and follow the instructions to upload up to 5 photos at a time. Again, be sure to put your order number in the subject line so our staff can quickly assign your photos.

NOTE – Many email programs such as Hotmail or Apple’s Mail program have the option to send a smaller version of the photo so it will not be so large. Do not use this option, as it will make the photo too small to use. Always send at full or actual size, if the option is available.

What if my scanner and I just can’t work out our differences?

Technology can be frustrating at times for the best of us. If you find yourself unable to work the crazy scanner you have, then you can either have it scanned in at your local photo store or at a copy store such as Kinko’s. Just be sure to use the same settings or tell the staff member helping you the settings.

If all else fails, you can mail the photos to us via postal mail, simply request our mailing address from Customer Service after placing your request online (we cannot accept photos sent in without a 5 digit request number from your online submission at this time).

If you have any questions at all on this process or need more information, please contact Customer Service. Thank you so much and have a great day!

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