Lil’ Duck Duck Image Standards & Order Policies

Our Image Standards

In order for us to produce a great quality image, we need a great quality image.

It is critical that you supply us with the highest possible quality images for your design. While a common misconception is that because the printed image will be fairly small, the resolution or quality does not need to be that high, this is not true. The image must be in .jpg format with a resolution of at least 1600×1200. In addition, the ideal depth of the image is 300dpi.

We will not print anything showing body parts covered by swimwear on anyone. Any newborn photos with the “Cute bottom” picture must be submitted from a professional studio with a signed reprinting release. Candid shots of a baby showing anything that should be covered by a diaper are not able to be accepted. Also, we will not print profanity or offensive gestures or wording under any circumstances.

Digital Camera Images

– Please attach the original file from the memory stick or hard drive of your digital camera without using any applications like Kodak Galleries, HP Photo Share or any other photo editing and importing application. If you are using iPhoto on the Mac, simply select the pictures you want to send, click “E-mail” in the menu on the bottom and select “Actual Size” and you will be all set. Most digital cameras that are 2 Megapixels and higher can produce this image without any problems, you may need to hunt for the original file on your computer or camera’s memory card, however.

Scanned Photos

– When scanning in your photos, please clean your scanner first – dirt, grime, smears, etc. will appear on your scanned image and cannot always be removed by our photo editors. Set the scanner to have a 300 dpi when scanning and the software should take care of the rest (see our scanning tutorial page for more details). Please consult the documentation that came with your scanner. If you no longer have the physical documentation, visit the manufacturer’s website as most products have online support and free user’s manuals.

Other Methods

– If you do not have a good quality scanner, you can go to the nearest FedEx/Kinko’s location (or a similar copy store) and scan your pictures in, then either attach the images from the CD onto multiple e-mails to us or physically mail us the CD. You can also mail us the printed photos, but be aware that you are responsible for packing the photos in a safe manner (in a hard envelope) and we cannot be responsible for loss or damage sustained to your photos during transit. Please send reprints & not original prints or negatives – you may contact us for our P.O. Box address for USPS mailing. Please also note that photos can fuse together while mailing, making them unusable. We recommend separating each photo with clean, unprinted, acid-free paper and making sure that there is no adhesive, condensation or other foreign matter on the photos.

Our Proof & Printed Policy

The proof you have received is a low-resolution .jpg sample image of how your design will print. It is the property of Lil’ Duck Duck, LLC and is not suitable for printing or sharing in any form. This is just an example of how the final product will appear, allowing you to ensure that all your information is correct and that the design is as you wish it. You may not copy the design or share/use electronically/print it in any way. Lil’ Duck Duck’s copyright will be printed on all cards (on the back of the designs) and cannot be removed, on cardstock it is tailored to best fit your design while being unobtrusive. We do not license our designs to others (including electronic versions of cards), print designs without our copyright or allow others to use or print our designs. After the digital proof is approved, it will go to the printer & we are not liable for any errors in typography or design that were in your approved final proof (s). We also cannot be responsible for your photo quality, so please be sure to send clear, high-resolution photos & inspect your photos carefully both in the proof and on the original files that you sent to us from your computer (please review your original photo file at 100%/actual/original size on your computer to see how it will print) to make sure they are to your liking. Full-size, watermarked .jpg digital proof images are available upon request for you to further ensure your photo quality.

Also, keep in mind that everyone’s computer has variations in monitor or screen due to the light and color balance that comes through. Since our monitors are calibrated for our professional printer, what you view through your monitor may not be exactly what our designers view – the colors, size, brightness or contrast may differ depending on your settings, resolution & the type of photo paper or card stock printing you have chosen. When the cards print out, there will be at least two distinct differences. The cards will be slightly darker because unlike your monitor, there is no back light. The other difference is that our professional printers will pick up every dot on a photo where your personal printer will not. This is one of the reasons why we require such high quality images. The crop margins will also vary up to 1/4″ around the edges of the card due to printer requirements & the colors may vary slightly. As noted on the product pages and on our messages to you, nothing is raised, attached, or mounted to any of our cards, anything that appears to be other than a graphic is simply a design effect (to name a few examples, there are no real buttons, bows, ribbons, glitter, embossing, wood stacking or other layering on our cards, they are all graphics printed flat onto photo paper or card stock). Hole punched cards (when available) also do not come with ribbons at this time.

Our Refund Policy

All of our orders are custom printed and therefore we cannot offer refunds, all sales are final. We strongly suggest that you request a sample pack if you wish to see physical copies of our work. We are not able to have specific designs in stock for samples because of the custom nature of our work, but all paper types & finishes are available for samples (we are currently shipping samples only to US customers).

If your product differs in photos or text from your approved proof (we cannot be responsible for misprints that you approve) or your paid invoice’s stated quantity/paper type, we will gladly reprint the design and re-ship it via the original shipping method upon return of the defective product. We cannot be responsible for your photo quality or monitor viewing differences in color, size, brightness or clarity, please be sure to send clear, high-resolution photos & inspect your photos carefully in the proof to make sure they are to your liking. We understand that there are occasions where mistakes are made during the personalization of the design that might not be caught during the proofing process. If this occurs, we will gladly do our best to work with you and may be able to reprint your order at a reduced price (no less than 50%) at our discretion (the original product must first be returned to us and this reprinting, if approved, can only be done once). This reprinting will take time & no rush service is available.

While we do our best to prevent any errors from happening, and we will tell you step by step how to make sure your card is done properly, please do understand that the digital proof process is extremely important. It is your responsibility to check your digital proof(s) carefully for errors in text, information, problems with your photo quality and/or layout. Do not rush over your proof. Sit down with someone and look over the digital proof together to make sure you have the proper time and attention given to this process. If you see a problem, let us know before you pay your invoice, as your payment is also your agreement with us that the digital proof is cleared to print as we sent it to you & that all the order details are correct as shown on your Paypal invoice. If an error is discovered after you have approved your final proof(s), Lil’ Duck Duck will not be held responsible.

Once you have received your package, you will have a 7 day grace period to notify us via e-mail of any problems with the printing or concerns that you have. If this is the case, e-mail Customer Service right away and we will work with you to discuss any issues you may have in accordance with the above guidelines.

Once your order has left our office, you are sent a shipping notification with a tracking or delivery confirmation number (depending on your shipping method). If something happens with your package in transit or it is delivered to the wrong address, we can not be held responsible if the information provided to us is incorrect. Likewise, if your information is correct and your package has not arrived in the allotted time, you will need to contact your local Post Office for any and all follow up (we cannot be responsible for any issues with delivery companies, of course).

Your order may require a signature for delivery depending on shipping method chosen. Make sure you are aware of what shipping method you have chosen. You can always write your designer or our shipping department to confirm.

We have no control once the package leaves our office and cannot be responsible for lost, damaged or misdirected packages. Please let the shipping department know if you would like to purchase insurance up to $500 on your order or if you have any other questions about our shipping policies. Once you receive your order, please be careful in handling your cards and package them appropriately for individual mailing. We cannot be responsible to damage incurred to your cards after they leave our office, including mailing postcards without envelopes, any damage received to your cards when you mail them out to their individual recipients or otherwise mishandling your cards.

By submitting an order you are agreeing to be bound by the above policy.

Thank you for choosing Lil Duck Duck’s custom design for your special event!