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Hello from the Duck family!

We love making custom photo cards for your special moments – so that’s what we have been doing lil-duck-ducky-about-us-photosince our son was little and his beloved stuffed ducky was new in 2006! Personalized just for you, our custom card designs are hand-proofed for you via e-mail by one of us, so that you can have just what you want. We can change the colors, style, graphics or anything else to suit your needs (no automated templates that cannot be changed here!).

How Lil Duck Duck came to be:

Once upon a time, a little baby boy arrived in our family who loved his stuffed Ducky. His mama wanted to stay home and enjoy every moment of his baby life, so she wrote a funny article about her lost cell phone. Thus began a blog about this baby boy, Lil’ Duck, who has a beloved stuffed duck. To capture their favorite moments with Lil’ Duck, Mama Duck made photo cards and started sharing them with friends. Soon, other people wanted to capture their moments and started ordering her cards. As the Lil’ Duck grew, so did this business, now including Daddy Creature, Uncle Duck, Grandma Duck & other feathered designer friends to meet your event needs.

Who we are:

Based in Central Florida, we are a licensed LLC as well as a family business and use Paypal as our secure payment processor to keep your credit card or other payment information protected. We are a family and also a small business, and all real people who enjoy capturing special moments and seeing your fun ideas for cards (and adorable photos!). Now that Lil’ Duck is no longer a baby, we are busy homeschooling him and enjoy Disney World being nearby for fun trips. If you follow us on Instagram, you will also see our … now four rescue dogs (our two foster puppies recently adopted us!) and their adventures as well – we hope that the puppies grow up soon so that we can save our remaining shoes!

rescue-dogs-first-birthday-photo lil-duck-daddy-creature-photo-mountain









Everything you see on the site is made from scratch by our design team using your text, photos if applicable and customization requests – made with input from our clients through our no-obligation, personal digital proofing. You may choose a design from our galleries to use as-is with your information and photos, or customize the design to suit your photos, text, colors, etc. We can often even combine two designs to create just what you wish!

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