You know you’re a mom when… (part 2)

You know you’re a mom when… (part 2)

  1. You know all of the late night infomercials from all those sleepless nights.
  2. Your voice has permanently become 10 octaves higher from talking all that baby talk.
  3. You realize at dinner time that you never ate lunch or breakfast, but the baby had balanced meals all day.
  4. You used to see infomercials for Girls Gone Wild and think guys were too easily amused by them. Now you see those commercials and think, “If she ever does that, I’ll kill her….”
  5. You rhyme words together, not just with baby, but in social situations. “Yes, I’ll have a Miller Genuine Drafty-wafty”….
  6. You spend your birthday money on baby clothes and a Belle costume.
  7. You find yourself talking to other people using the same tone you use with your toddler. “Now I told you to sign on the dotted line, mmmmm kay?”
  8. You base your choice of restaurant as to whether it is noisy enough and crowded enough for others to not notice your baby screaming, making a huge mess on the floor and whether they have clean high chairs.
  9. You find that you cannot watch the news or read the paper without breaking out into hives and or having a nervous breakdown seeing all the horrible things that can possibly happen to your child.
  10. From Sarah: You know you are a mother when your secret fantasy involves being alone in complete silence.
  11. From Samantha: You know you’re a mom when you start referring to your husband asĀ  daddy instead of honey or baby.
  12. From MCMilker: You have Mommy nails – no polish, not even a manicure!
  13. From TiggerPrr: You know you’re a mom when Because I said so! becomes a viable reason.

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  1. LMAO at #4…that is SO true!

  2. Sometimes I wonder if “moms” are even reffered to as “people” anymore? LOL I think we are just mom’s and nothing else!

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