Thirteen “wow”s from the Lil’ Duck this week:

Thirteen “wow”s from the Lil’ Duck this week:

  1. The new black light bulbs in our overhead kitchen fluorescent light.
  2. Opening the heavy desk drawer that he was previously unable to open and finding a veritable baby heaven of cables, CD’s, and other forbidden items.
  3. The many thunderstorms we had this week – he marvels at all the “wain” pouring down outside our screened patio, and jumps at the thunder.
  4. Discovering my bright red lip smackers in my purse during a forbidden climb on the countertops, then sticking his finger all the way down the tube and smearing it on the countertops. Mama was not as enthusiastic.
  5. The Backyardagains on TV – he’s never watched them before, but now all I hear is “wow, bak-guard-gens, mama, wow”!
  6. Pulling all the cushions off the couch and jumping on the (covered) springs – who knew?!
  7. Always and forever, the ceiling fans – practically since birth, he has been amazed by them and continues to marvel at them every chance he gets.
  8. The giant model of the yellow M&M guy at the grocery store, who also had the esteemed honor of having a song sung to him, consisting of “M&Ms, M&Ms…”, but he’s still little, so it’s cute.
  9. The giant balloons in the produce section of the same grocery store – it is “wow, bees” or “wow, melmo (Elmo)”.
  10. Also in the produce section, the cantaloupes were the subject of much “wow”-ing and exploration, ending with an attempt to bite them and toss them like a ball. Hmmmm.
  11. Back at home, the drawing of triangles with any medium never fails to produce a “wow” and then a frantic scribbling and an “oh, no, triangle!” – well, at least he knows one shape, right?
  12. The presentation of any messy food always gets a “wow” as well, accompanied by an attempt to either launch it across the room with a handy utensil or stick his hands in it and squish it between his fingers. Hence why his diet is mostly finger food.
  13. The arrival of Daddy after a long day at work!

77 thoughts on “Thirteen “wow”s from the Lil’ Duck this week:

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  2. Ohhh this list brings back some very sweet memories!
    #13 was always a favorite for me too! Now it’s just “oh dad’s home”
    They grow so fast!

    Thanks for yoour comments on my blog!

  3. Awwww, how sweet! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy TT!

  4. What an adventurous little guy. My kids still love to pull the cushions off the couch and jump on the springs…and they are 4 and 6. The couch, however, is not as thrilled by this activity and we are now currently couch shopping. ;)

  5. black lights would get a wow out of me, too! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Little ones are so cute. It’s amazing the things they come up with.

  7. One of my most favoritest things is the “wow’s” my girls give me everyday. I look forward to seeing what “wow’s” them and in turn how they “wow” me…it’s the greatest! :) Gotta love ’em!

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