Wise Words for Owl Thank You Cards

Owl Thank You Cards - Wise Words Verses Wording IdeasAdorable owl thank you cards make your adorable owl party especially memorable! Owlish wording is very cute with owls on your cards, and you can adapt any of these for a birthday or baby shower, for any age, and for any number of honorees (such as twins or triplets).  Pair with our owl baby shower invitations, owl birthday invitations or use them all by themselves for an adorable note of thanks! These owl thank you card sayings are sure to spread the owl love and can be personalized for your own event:

1. Thanks with owl my love!
2.  Thank whooo for making my 1st birthday so special!
3.  Whoo, whoo–it is a thank you for you!
4.  Thank you for coming to owl bird-day.
5.  What a hoot!  We want to thank whooo!
6.  Whoo…is sending you a thank you…the mommy-to-be______.
7.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.  I appreciate the gift you flew over from your nest to mine.
8.  Thank you for the lovely gift that awaits our baby when he arrives at our nest.
9.  Turning _____ was such a hoot!  Thanks for the fun and your gift to boot!
10.  Thank whoo for flying over for my ______ birthday party!
11.  Oh, owl the baby birds (and me!) want to say thank you!
12.  The day was special because of whoo, ______ just loved the party and hopes whoo did too!
13.  Thank you for joining in the owlish to-do, _______ loved playing with you!  Thank you for flying over and for your thoughtful gift.
14.  Thank whoo for coming to my birthday and for your lovely gift.  I hope you had a hooting good time!
15.  From windy treetops and cozy nests, the owls have gathered with _______ to say Thank Whoo!

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