Winter Wedding Shower Themes

Weave some winter magic with a special shower for the bride-to-be! These seasonal winter wedding shower themes help to make each shower a treasured memory. Winter Wedding Shower Themes - Bride-to-Be SeasonalIf you want to honor both the bride and groom, you’ll find several couples wedding shower themes as well.

1.  Snowflakes

(Winter Snowflake Bridal Shower Invitation and Shabby Chic Winter Bridal Invitation)

Each bride is as individual and beautiful as a snowflake…a snowy setting enhances the mood for your feminine wedding shower.

Variation with modern snowflakes (Winter Snowflakes Engagement Invitation)–this is a trendy invitation for a co-ed wedding shower!  This theme celebrates the snow season but doesn’t have the feminine qualities mentioned above, since you want the guys to be welcome too.

2.  Winter Fairytale (Fairytale Cinderella Bridal Shower Invitation)

Once upon a dream, a princess dreamed of having a beautiful party after she found her Prince Charming.  This theme enchants your guests as well, and they will still be talking about the wedding shower after the wedding!  You can use any variation you want, such as Christmas Cinderella, sweetheart, or snowflake princess.

3.  Winter Wonderland (Winter Snow Bridal Shower Invitation)

An old-fashioned drawing sets the theme for your winter wonderland wedding shower.  Lighted trees, pine garlands, snowmen, and a vintage sled are just a few ways you can transform the party space into something special.Winter Wedding Shower Themes - Bride-to-Be Seasonal

4.  Casino

(Las Vegas Bridal Shower Invitation)

For a fun wedding shower, a casino theme is barely a gamble.  If the bride-to-be wants to have a co-ed shower with guys there as well, this will bring them to your door.  Deal the couples a fun time with casino games and drinks.

5.  Midwinter Masquerade

(Masquerade Bridal Shower Invitation)

Christmas, Mardi Gras, and snowflakes are the most popular winter themes for masquerade showers, but you can customize the shower to suit the bride-to-be’s interests and wedding theme.

6.  Bright Holidays

(a favorite engagement photo is the focus of Elegant Red & Gold Engagement Invitation)

May your bridal shower be merry and bright!  This theme celebrates the magic of the holidays and the couple’s favorite holiday things.  Easily customizable for a co-ed shower or an all-girls event, this theme relies on bright decorations, favorite foods, and a few good conversationalists to make a memorable shower.

7.  Winter Flora (custom-word our Mistletoe Multi-Photo Holiday Card with your invitation wording)Winter Wedding Shower Themes - Bride-to-Be Seasonal

Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, red roses, pine garlands–your wedding shower will be beautiful when decked with the beauties of Mother Nature.

8. Christmas Ornaments

(custom-word our Crisp Ornaments Christmas Card to make one into an invitation)

Most people don’t consider giving wedding couples holiday decorations, so this is a fun way to give them beautiful ornaments, as well as the practical housekeeping gifts.  Deck your party space with little decorated Christmas trees.

9.  Cozy Kitchen (Chicken in the Kitchen Pantry Shower Invitation)

Don’t let the future bride be a chicken in the kitchen!  A cooking kitchen shower gives her the confidence to cook at least a few delicious dishes.  This also makes a good theme for co-ed wedding showers, as the guys like to sample delicious foods too. Our matching recipe cards allow your guests to give their favorite recipes in style.

10.  Fiery Fiesta (Two Photo Couple’s Fiesta Invitation)

Warm up with a hot South-Of-The-Border Fiesta!  If you want to make guys welcome to the shower, this is another theme that everyone enjoys.  Use lots of warm colors in  your decorations and serve Tex-Mex goodies for guests to munch.

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