Wild Excitement Bright Jungle Shower Invitations

“They are WILD with excitement! Please join us to share in the joy, she is having a Baby Boy!” Wild excitement bright jungle shower invitations share the glee of the parents-to-be! Polka dotted red ears on bright blue elephants, deep brown fluffy manes on lions, and bright yellow giraffes troop through the bushes in mommy and baby pairs for an adorably custom shower theme. Brightly striped green, orange, red, blue and brown patterns surround the colorful print text, which can all be personalized (including the verse) to suit your own celebration for baby boys, girls, twins, surprise babies or any event theme that you desire.

We can change all the colors, patterns and graphics to suit your own event when you visit the product page here: Jungle Safari Shower Invitation (simply request the wild excitement bright stripes version in the notes field if desired).

Wild Excitement Bright Jungle Shower Invitations - Glee Lions Red Blue

When flat card stock printing is chosen, the back is finished to match the front for an elegant, designer effect, with optional additional text & graphics.

Wild Excitement Bright Jungle Shower Invitations - Glee Lions Red Blue

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