Why stickers before coffee are a bad, bad thing….

Lil’ Duck has become a dictator. From the moment his little eyes flutter open, he is full of demands… “sippy please, mama, no yucky sippys, COLD sippy milk fridge”…. “cheerios, now, in my bowl, let’s go now, mama, get up!!” This morning, in my half-awake state, I am accosted on the way to the coffee machine by the little one holding a sheet of star stickers. The same stickers that I was sure that I hid in the bottom of a very full drawer…..

Tiny, thin stickers, with about 100 of these things on each sheet. Trying to peel them off after being fully awake is hard enough. Finally, I get one off and put it atop his head, per his request… only to be met with a demand for “anoder ticker on cheek, mama peease!!”. Ten stickers later (why you would want a sticker on your nose is beyond me), I’m finally freed to continue on my coffee mission.

Of course, he just ate all of my oatmeal as I was writing this.

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  1. Rory #

    “No yucky sippys. Cold sippy milk fridge.” That’s hilarious! Bethy does a similar thing. Takes one sip, “That’s nasty.” Meaning she wants cold milk from the fridge. One day I spotted the milk on the table, so I zipped it into the fridge. Ten minutes later, Bethy asked for milk, so I made a big display of getting it from the fridge. She took a sip and placed the bottle on the table. “That’s naaaasty.” Busted!

  2. At least he is polite while he is demanding! All my kids have loved to cover themselves in stickers!

    Here via CFL

  3. Little ones never wait for the coffee cup to be filled before making demands!! Although a little demanding, your son sounds adorable.

    Here via the carnival of family life.


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