When Only A Daddy Will Do…

Judsen Culbreth, author of numerous books and articles on relationships, recently published this article “What Dads Are Made Of,” on 3 distinct ways that fathers contribute to their children’s lives.


A Father’s Parenting Style
Will McAlpine, two and a half years old, likes to “help” his dad, Eric, in their suburban backyard in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. As father and son toss grass, leaves and rocks into a wheelbarrow, Eric points out different colors and shapes. Sometimes they pause during their chores to observe planes and clouds overhead. What they don’t pay attention to is the mess of mud on their shoes — or how they leave a trail of dirt in their wake when they enter the house.

David Pike of Charlotte, North Carolina, relishes reading to his three young daughters at bedtime. He reads familiar favorites like Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. Just as the girls’ mom, Katie, thinks David has the kids settled down, “a giggle fest erupts,” she says. Five-year-old Aidan begins pleading for David to “squirb” her (the family’s term for making funny sounds on their bellies). “Squirb me. Squirb me too,” squeals three-year-old Herron. By now everyone is wide awake.

Dad: He’s a mess-maker, rule-breaker, risk-taker. In general, he’s the opposite of Mom, the master nurturer, creator of law and order. But for all his mischief, Dad is doing something quite right. The same daddy-like interactions that sometimes annoy moms will significantly contribute to children’s social skills and success in school.”


What does the daddy in your life do that is unique, something that no one else can do?

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