13 Toddler Easter Egg Filler Ideas

If your toddler is anything like my little guy, they LOVE candy. However, a lot of Easter candies are choking hazards or just way too much sugar for them. Here are some toddler easter egg filler ideas for safe candies and other items to put inside your toddler’s Easter eggs this year!

  1. Cheerios
  2. Mini M&M’s (mixed in with the Cheerios if you like)
  3. Lucky Charms (especially the marshmallows, my little guy goes crazy for the chocolate ones and the marshmallow bits are hard and small enough that he doesn’t choke).
  4. Bite- size Milky way bars – soft & no peanuts!
  5. Stickers – always a favorite around here.
  6. Fruity Cheerios – brightly colored so it looks more like candy ;).
  7. Hot Wheels cars (without any detachable parts)
  8. Hair barrettes/bows for girls
  9. Mini jelly beans cut in half – while my little guy would eat regular jelly beans all day, they are a big choking issue. So I get the mini ones and just slice them in half (or bite them, but for inside the eggs, a sharp knife works better ;)).
  10. Alphabet magnets (the larger ones such as Leapfrog’s).
  11. Little squirt toys for the bath – Target has bags full of fish and other creatures that squirt water & are small enough to fit in a larger Easter egg.
  12. Animal crackers
  13. Teddy Grahams – the chocolate ones are regarded as a great treat in our house.

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57 thoughts on “13 Toddler Easter Egg Filler Ideas

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  2. Wow, great ideas! I just bought some larger eggs and found that Weebles fit just perfectly inside!

  3. Wow! I cannot believe it; these ideas are insanely great! FANTASTIC! :) Thanks for the tips! I guess it drives a lot of people wonky guessing how to avoid choking hazards (and even candy, in general!) inside a toddler’s easter egg. Great ideas!

  4. Sidewalk chalk (especial the egg shaped chalk), fits well in the larger eggs and is fun for both boys and girls. Also try organic fruit strips (Trader Joe’s brand fit well in the eggs). Bath letters and numbers (the type that stick to wet tile) can also be squeezed into the eggs.

  5. Our little is 7.5 months old, and we did books, balls, kitchen toys, (she loves cups, whisks, and spatulas…) we also want to start her on fruits now, so we went and bought a TON of baby fruit, and filled her Easter basket with baby fruit. I am going to make her Easter card tonight with my Cricut Expression, and it will say: “Please stop eating all of my veggies… I brought some fruit for you to try instead… ENJOY!!!” My Husband and I are going to sift flour bunny prints around our home to make it look like the Easter bunny came, and put bunny prints on the door to make it look like he attempted to get in. So fun!

  6. You can also get at any dollar store the towels that expand in water and they have religious ones I saw the other day so you still have the meaning of Easter in their baskets or in the eggs.

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