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What To Do At A Princess Party When Boys Are There!

Princesses are so girly, cute and sweet and an adorably popular party theme! However, little boys might be overwhelmed by all of the girlishness, so here are some ideas for what to do at a princess party when boys are there!What To Do At A Princess Party When Boys Are There

First of all, call each child “Sir______”, Lord, Lady, Knight, or Princess all day long.

Give the girls princess wands and the boys plastic “prince” swords. They can wear tiaras and crowns – even make their own if you want as a fun activity. They can also make family crests if the children are a bit older. You can tell them how the boys would have used theirs in battle as a shield…. and the girls would have used them to mark their houses.

Boys do not mind pink as long as they are included in the games and prizes and cake. It can also be toned down with more jewel tones or silver and gold (light blue pairs well with pink also so you can mix up the plates, etc.). Also see our decoration ideas for princess parties for more ideas!

Serve medieval fare – giant chicken legs and rolls you eat without forks – always a big hit with boys of all ages :).

They can also decorate their own goblet, then fill it with candy from an assortment as their party favor.

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