What every 5 year old boy wants for Christmas – or at least mine!

What every 5 year old boy wants for Christmas – or at least mine!

If you ask him, he’ll say that he really, really wants this Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultimate Dino – too bad I don’t fancy a plastic dinosaur as a home decoration when he gets tired of it in a few weeks :).

What he most enjoys right now are simple crafts – dinosaur eggs that, when placed in water, “hatch” (i.e. Ginormous Hatchin Grow Dino); small sponge creatures in capsules that sell for a dollar for 20 creatures at Target (the last set of these traveled around in his pockets for at least a month); Batman coloring pages, more play-doh, any sort of simple craft project, coloring & cutting workbooks & so forth. Also, now that we have a house with stairs, a nice (plastic) Slinky is definitely in order for the amusement of all.

There is always a shortage of pajamas around the Duck household – somehow the pajamas seem to run very small, as while the rest of his clothes are size 6, the pajamas are 8 (which makes Mama Duck very sad). Extra points if the pajamas have accouterments such as Buzz Lightyear with wings, Batman with a cape, etc.

Lil’ Duck has been wishing for a long-sleeved Batman shirt (preferring classic Batman or Lego Batman over the Dark Knight, of course, size 6) as his short sleeved shirt is a little chilly in the house!

Hot Wheels are always a classic favorite (this may be the only occasion so far of brand snobbery in the Duck house, as Matchbox cars are summarily dismissed with a sniff) – he loves the shark and alligator play sets and would love to have any other play sets or more cars!

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