What are the Backyardigans names??

What are the Backyardigans names?? Need a little cheat sheet?? After watching the Backyardigans show on Noggin a few times, you’ll have it down pat. In the meantime, here’s a great little photo guide from Nick Jr:

uniqua backyardigan phototasha backyardigan photo
tyrone backyardigan photopablo backyardigan photo
austin backyardigan

34 thoughts on “What are the Backyardigans names??

  1. I relate to pablo because my last name is escobar

  2. my favorite character is pablo because he panics……… like me

  3. Same dog

  4. Growing up in the hood being bullied for being different gave me a connection with Uniqua. I love her! It was hard growing up in Detroit

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