Triaminic Thin Strips update

Here is a Triaminic Thin Strips update! If you recall, for our last WFMW, I wrote about these wonderful creations:

Triaminic Thin Strips for infants AND for children (the child version allows one strip to be given to a 2 year old vs. two strips of the infant version, less is always a wonderful thing) with just a simple decongestant (which Amazon doesn’t appear to have, but you get the idea).

Well, we took these on our trip for the airplane. We gave him the first one with great trepidation after reading some of the comments on the post, but he accepted the idea that it was a yummy treat and kept it in his mouth for it to melt (it didn’t take long). It worked great, he was happy on all the flights and continued to accept the thin strips all the way through our travels. Even coming back, when he’d gotten (and still has) a cold/sinus infection, it worked well enough to keep him from having any pain during the flights. Now we just need to get the duck family healthy and back to a regular routine!

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  1. Elizabeth #

    We love these too — so much that I’ve tried all of the other brands that I can get my hands on for both other flavors and strengths. TheraFlu makes them in cherry and they are 25mg (Triaminic is 12.5 mg). But they met the flavor test of my 4 year old twins and I can just break one in half. That gives me 24 12.5 mg doses for about the same price as Triaminic’s 16 dose pack. Benadryl brand tastes like Listerine breath strips (it says vanilla mint) and is also 25 mg.

  2. Boy, I sure wish those were around when my daughter was a toddler! I had to use the cheek pinching technique to get meds in her. LOL

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