WFMW – our cart cover/high chair cover!

We have shopping issues. Lil’ Duck loves the idea of going out, and will hold my hand and walk into the store nicely. Then the problem begins. He wants to run like a crazy baby away from me and play this great game of keep-away, and I want him in the cart so that he doesn’t do that. So, I get out his nice cart cover, set his beloved duck in there (oh yes, the duck does go everywhere), and arm-wrestle him into the seat.cart cover

When Lil’ Duck was just starting to sit up, we got this handmade cart cover from a friend. It has a pocket in front of him with his name on it, a few toy loops, a cute little pillow (with a loop to attach it) and a drink holder. It stretches to fit any cart, high chair, etc. – when it gets dirty, we toss it in the washer and dryer, and it is good as new. Now, after 18 months or so of heavy use, it still looks great. I even got an extra pocket in case we have another one, so we can put their name on it rather than my little guy’s.cart cover 1

As you can tell, these photos are from when we first got it – he actually loved the pillow so much that he would fall asleep on it! Now we don’t use the pillow, as there is no way he’d sleep if there was something interesting to see.

Anyway, this thing is the best invention ever (well, that and my sling ;)) – keeps him away from germs, keeps him comfy (did I mention it is padded?), keeps his toys and food near, and is easy to use! That’s what works for us….. if you need one, e-mail her for fabric samples (pretty much anything you want) and pricing and all that. It’s well worth it!

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  1. This is a must have for new parents! I love the colors of yours and the way it catches toys. I’m not a germaphobe but after I’ve seen babies spit up, slobber, and smear their nose all over shopping carts, I couldn’t stomach the thought of my lil gal gnawing on the bars. Not to mention the old food residue on some high chairs…eeewww.

    These are great for extra padding and support. We have a store-bought one. It was still brand new but my daughter spilled on it. When I washed it the rubberized fabric in one spot just disintegrated. I’m assuming a harsh cleaner was used on a high chair. Maybe it was just bleach but can you imagine what it would have done to my daughter’s skin? Ouch

  2. Pastormac's Ann #

    These things are great. I always marvel as I pass kids in these at the store. Depending on the ages of our family additions, I may be emailing your friend! Thanks.

  3. britmum #

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I like the idea of the shopping seats. We don’t have them in England. My son is too big now. LOL

    Take care

  4. Why does all of the cool stuff come out when my kids are too old for them? My 2 are 9 and 10 — I would have loved this a few years back. You should have seen me with my plastic bags of Clorox wipes. I have cleaned more carts, high chairs, tables, and toilets than you can imagine!

    CUTE pictures of your son!

  5. Yes, yes, yes… I have one similar to yours, and love it. It doesn’t have a pillow, though, and I may just get a small pillow to take in with us, because the other day, he fell asleep, and we had to take turns carrying him. Thank goodness my husband came with me!!

  6. amelia #

    Hooray for cart covers! Your little one is adorable!

  7. That is a great idea! I have never heard of those before! I bet my little guy would just love that!

  8. I love those cart covers and your lucky enough to have one hand-made. My little one always tries to bite the cart handle, or the cart side or any part of the cart or food she can get her mouth onto….

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