WFMW – gaffer tape for babyproofing remotes

Anyone with a toddler knows that they love to take the batteries out of everything. This was a minor annoyance until one day, when the little guy left the battery half-in, half-out and made it leak battery acid all over. We didn’t want to use duct tape, as it’s messy and ugly and one of our remotes is from the cable company (altho I doubt they are going to want it back after Lil’ Duck is through with it). Masking tape was just something else for the little guy to take off and stick in an odd place.

Gaffer tape, however, turned out to be the perfect solution. It’s black and thinner than duct tape, so it wasn’t as obvious, but it’s sturdy enough to withstand a toddler. I’m also using it to keep the fronts of my speakers where they belong (the little guy tried to take them off and poke in the cones) – since the speakers are black, you don’t notice the tape, and it isn’t damaging the finish or anything either.

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  1. Good to know — thanks!!! :)

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