Wedding Anniversary Wording Ideas

When your parents or grandparents have achieved many years of marriage, you want to honor them and their love. Here are some wedding anniversary wording ideas for making your invitation special! You can completely custom-word any of our wedding anniversary invitations for your own unique family and celebration. These anniversary invitation verses are flexible, so you can easily change the anniversary year in any of these to make them relevant to your own celebration.

1.  40 years of love, joy & happiness! Wedding Anniversary Wording Ideas - Invitation Verses Marriage

2.  25 years and they are still smiling!

3.  Join us to celebrate 50 years of wedded love…

4.  Thank you for all the yesterdays, we appreciate your love today, and we look forward to all the tomorrows…

5.  Sshhh!  It’s a surprise 50th anniversary celebration!

6.  Please join us to celebrate ______ & ______’s 50 years of love

7.  The event of a lifetime, a love for a lifetime

8.  ____ & ____ were married 50 years ago.  The celebration continues today.  Please join us…

9.  They say that two hands are better than one…but two hearts combined makes for a lifetime of fun!

10.  Love…was meant to be shared with family and friends.

11.  The children of _____ and _____ request the pleasure of your company at a Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration… Wedding Anniversary Wording Ideas - Invitation Verses Marriage

12.  Celebrating 40 years of love, life, & happiness…

13.  Please help us celebrate and surprise ____ & ____, as they celebrate 50 years of marriage!

14.  True love stories never have endings…and after 50 years, they’re still in love.

15.  Mr. & Mrs. ____ ____ request the honor of your presence at a renewal of their wedding vows in celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary.

16.  You are invited to a 25th anniversary party to honor our parents’ enduring love.

17.  As snowflakes begin to fall, please join us one and all to celebrate the anniversary of ______ and _____.

18.  Autumn version: As leaves begin to fall, please join us one and all to celebrate the anniversary of ______ and _____.

19.  Love…between two wonderful people!  Please join us to show your love for _____ & _____ as they celebrate 40 years of marriage.

20.  40 years of love and life, 40 years as husband and wife

21.  50 years ago they said, “I do.”  Now _____ & _____ want to celebrate with you!

22.  Together our parents have created a beautiful world around us with their love and warmth. We’d like you to join us for dinner as we celebrate their __ fulfilling years of love and joy.

Use any of these wording ideas or take inspiration from them to create your own to use on any of our wedding anniversary invitation designs today!

Wedding Anniversary Wording Ideas - Invitation Verses Marriage

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