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Warm Chevron Coral Communion Thank You Cards

These rich & warm chevron coral Communion thank you cards sweep your guests into elegant gratitude! First, your daughter’s smiling face looks out from the middle of this design, highlighted in one, two or three photos. Her images are framed in golden & white swirl accents for additional beauty. Frame-like styling and a lovely ribbon graphic adds a unique way to wrap up her photos, with an optional flowery lace accent in the middle of the “bow”. A modern, fantasy styled script shares your daughter’s name atop her photos, or another short phrase, if you prefer.

Framed with a beautiful chevron style, the coral & golden colors add warmth and beauty to your First Holy Communion thank you card design. Change these colors along with the chevron border pattern, so that they will match your daughter’s photos, her event style or her favorite colors as you wish. Share your own words of thankfulness in the bottom right area of this design. Then, nestle her First Communion date in the little bottom left area for lasting memories. This young lady chose to say, “My unending gratitude for your prayers, presence & generosity. Thank you for sharing my special First Communion Day!”

Now, see more ideas and personalize this design on the product page here: Lovely Communion Thank You Cards. Simply pick the coral and gold version in the form, if desired.

Warm Chevron Coral Communion Thank You Cards - Rich Smiling Face

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