Valentine Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas & Cute Verses

Sweet hearts and festive red & pink colors abound on our Valentine heart party invitation designs! To perfectly compliment them, here are some cute verses for Valentine birthday invitation wording ideas which can be adapted for your own party and for any age on any of our cards:

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m having a Valentine party and want to celebrate with YOU!”Valentine Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas & Cute Verses

“She’s stolen our hearts and will melt yours too, our little girl wants to celebrate her birthday with you!”

“Come join us for a heart-filled princess birthday party to honor our little princess who is turning one!”

“Whoo… Whoo… is turning three? Our Valentine Girl… that is whoo! Let’s celebrate with heart-filled glee, at her owl party where she turns three!”

“One little candle on the cake – One little wish to make! Our little Valentine is turning One – join us for some wONEderful Birthday Fun!”

“Dancing, playing & leaping with glee, our Valentine is turning three!”

“A year of blessings, love & fun with our Valentine baby!! We invite you to join us for her 1st Birthday Celebration Gala!”

“Let’s celebrate our little heart-stealing girl with a two-riffic birthday party!”

“Our children are turning 4 & 2, they’re having a Valentine party & want to celebrate with YOU!”

“As sweet as chocolate & really fun too, our little girl is turning two!”

“Whoo… Whoo… is turning twoo? Our Valentine owlet, that is whoo!! Please join us to celebrate and share in the joy of our baby’s second bird-day!”

“A year of blessings, laughter and fun, join us for a heart-filled party as our Valentine cupcake turns ONE!”

“Our Sweetheart is turning 3! Join her birthday party…”

“What a sweet hoot! It’s our twins’ very first birthday!”

“Slobbery kisses, laughter & fun, our Valentine baby is turning one!”

“A Sweetheart Fairytale Birthday Party for her Magical Night!”

“A Doubly Sweet Valentine Birthday Party for our Twins who are turning __…”

“Whoo… Whoo… is turning one? Our little valentine! Let’s celebrate with a heart-filled 1st birthday party to celebrate the love, blessings and fun that she has brought to our lives!”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, our twin girls are six and want to party with you…”

“As sweet as chocolate and special as can be… our little girl is turning three!”

Find more inspiration & use any of these Valentine birthday invitation wording ideas on our Valentine birthday invitations today!

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