Using toddler energy for a cleaner house…

Using toddler energy for a cleaner house is my idea of fun! Here are some simple chore ideas to keep your toddler busy & productive, while making your house cleaner!

  • Feeding pets. Put the food in the dish for them (or have them measure out dry food under supervision if they are old enough not to eat it), then have them take it to the spot and put it down for the pet.
  • Making the bed – they can pull up the covers and put the pillow in the correct place (although the tucking usually requires help).
  • Setting the table – if you give them dishes one at a time, they can set them on the table (nothing sharp, of course).
  • Scraping their plate into the sink/garbage after meals (supervised so that the food ends up in the correct place, of course).
  • Cleaning up their room/their toys (made easier with baskets and shelves).
  • Putting items in the trash when asked (this is a huge favorite at our house).
  • Helping to bring in the groceries (small, unbreakable bags & items, of course).
  • Putting their dirty clothes into the hamper/baskets (Lil’ Duck takes this a step farther and puts OUR clothes into the hamper as well).
  • Helping to bring the laundry to the washer, putting it into the washer, into the dryer, out of the dryer & putting it away. Lil’ Duck can put folded towels on shelves, socks into drawers, etc. and LOVES to push the laundry baskets around the house of course.
  • Putting shoes on the mat/on the shoe rack/in the basket. Lil’ Duck takes all our shoes and puts them in the bucket on the patio for us after we come in from doing errands and such.
  • Putting their sippy/dishes in the sink when they are done (something that saves a lot of nasty discoveries later, trust me).
  • Helping to dust/wipe down surfaces with a damp rag. Lil’ Duck likes to help clean the windows with a damp rag (just water, I keep him away from the cleaners of course) as well.

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  1. great ideas! I am going to put some of these into practice!

    Here via the TT carnival but I come by all the time anyway.

  2. Thank you!!

  3. Congrats for making it into the Thursday Thirteen Carnival. Hope parents who don’t let their children help try a few of these. They could start with the groceries, even keep an extra bag in the car to put a few lightweight items in, just for them to carry if all the bags are too heavy.

  4. Hey, darling! Yep, you made it to the Carnival (me, too). I loved this post the first time around — I think that kids who help with the house care about it more. Of course, I’ve yet to see that happen around here, but I’ve got hope!

  5. Nancy Bond #

    Lots of wonderful suggestions here. My little ducklings are all grown up now, but I have a grand-duckling to pass these along to. :) Congrats on being featured in the first TT Carnival!

  6. Excellent tips, I have saved them for future use. It’s never too early to teach responsibility.

  7. Great advice! My kids are grown now, but I get my grandgirls to “help” whenever they visit. They love it.


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