Use shaving cream as a toddler activity

Use shaving cream as a toddler activity! Nice, foamy white stuff that sticks to everything – there is nothing my little guy enjoys more than making a HUGE mess. However, this is an easy one to clean up and provides hours of entertainment. Pile up a huge pile of the foamy shaving cream (make sure that it does not contain menthol) on a hard, non-porous surface (go buy a big, cheap container of the generic brand stuff), then let them run Little People cars, animals and any other hard toys around, over and through it.

Just make sure it’s not the gel shaving cream, not mentholated and that you are right there making sure they aren’t eating it/putting it in their eyes/spreading it all over your house. You can even stick them in the empty bath tub to do this…. clean-up is quick and easy, with the lovely side benefit of cleaning the surface and toys!

2 thoughts on “Use shaving cream as a toddler activity

  1. sooooo smart!!! :)

  2. Messey play is good for our little ones :)

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