Unforgettable Summer Wedding Shower Themes

Unforgettable Summer Wedding Shower ThemesSummer is the season when the earth decorates itself with flowers, and bridal shower inspiration abounds with the bride’s favorite flower or a bloom in her wedding decorations. Here are some unforgettable summer wedding shower themes, along with invitation suggestions from our custom bridal shower invitation galleries.

8 Favorite Summer Flowers

1.   Lilies (Elegant Lily Bridal Shower Invitation)

2.  Poppies (Bright Poppy Wedding Shower Invitation)

3.  Daisies (Polka Dot Daisy Bridal Invitation)

4.  Gladiolus (see custom versions of our Beautiful Tulip Bridal Shower Invitation)

5.  Sweet Pea (custom version of Floral Bride-to-Be Shower Invitation)

6.  Morning Glories (Vintage Classic Bridal Shower Invitation)

7.  Hibiscus (Nature’s Garden Shower Invitation)

8.  Wildflowers (Wildflower Bride’s Shower Card)

hawaiian-bridal-shower-invitation-pink-purple-greenUnforgettable bridal themes do not stop with the flowers! The season suggests a host of other themes that are lovelier than a summer day:

9.  Hawaiian Luau

(Hawaiian Bridal Shower Invitation)

As the weather heats up, your guests will enjoy tropical goodies at your colorful bridal shower.  You can vary this with a Hawaiian pool party, beach party, or tropical backyard barbecue.

10.  Butterfly

(Chic Butterfly Bridal Shower Invitation and Butterfly Shower Bridal Invitation)

Like dancing flowers, butterflies add grace and grace to a shower.  You can use butterflies in a controlled color scheme that matched the bride’s wedding theme, or you can bring extra interest with a rainbow of colored butterflies.

11.  Ladybug Garden

The garden is a lovely setting for your ladybug wedding shower, and this theme is perfectly suited to brides who love small creatures.

12.  Lovebirds

(Love Birds Natural Shower Invitation)

Two little lovebirds sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!  A lovebird  If the bride-to-be is fond of birds, this theme will let her know that you were thinking especially of her when you chose it.  Blue birds in the décor and favors symbolize bluebirds of happiness–a sign of happy days to come.


13.  Vintage Lady

(Old-Fashioned Bridal Shower Invitation)

A vintage-loving bride will adore your vintage shower theme.  Whether you set it for  teatime or luncheon, have fun with shabby chic décor and ladylike drinks.

14.  Strawberries

(Sweet Strawberries Bridal Shower Card)

A favorite summer treat begins your sweet celebration.  For drinks, serve daiquiris and pink lemonade. A simple basket of ripe strawberries makes a delicious favor for your guests.

15.  The Emerald Isle

(Irish Shamrock Bridal Shower Invitation)

Ah, the beauties of Ireland in the summertime, when the island is lush and green!  If the bride-to-be has Irish heritage or just loves all things Irish, she will be delighted with an Irish wedding shower.

16.  Fairytale Love

(Fairytale Cinderella Bridal Shower Invitation)

A fairytale shower makes the bride feel like a princess!  Royal details celebrate the bride & groom’s fairytale love.  We can also make advice cards to match your invitation, and you can encourage your guests to bring tips on how to live happily ever after.

17.  Lace

(Pink Lacy Shower Invitation)

The most delicate fabric ever invented and perhaps the most romantic!  Especially pretty for a lingerie shower, this theme is also adaptable for a “daytime” shower and a feminine bride-to-be.  A lace bridal shower is the last word in delicate femininity.

18.  Hippie Love  dramatic-mask-bridal-shower-invitation-red-white-prince

Boho-chic style spreads the love at your hippie bridal shower.  For a whimsical atmosphere, play ’60s music and use mod decorations.

19.  Midsummer Night Masquerade

(Dramatic Bachelorette Shower Invitation)

A masquerade lights up a summer evening with glamorous trappings, friends, and generous love.  When guests arrive, have a table set up with masks and decorations (feathers, jewels, etc.), so that they can create their own masks and mingle before the festivities begin.  If the bride-to-be adores literature or drama, bring in elements from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

baseball-all-star-shower-bridal-invitationIf you’re looking for themes that work well with guys and girls at the same shower (oh, your Great-aunt Mathilda would be shocked!), here are some fun ideas for co-ed wedding showers:

20.  Baseball

(All-Star Baseball Bridal Shower Invitation)

This shower is an opportunity for some friendly team rivalry or celebrating the couple’s favorite team.  Invite the guests to wear jerseys and team shirts to your casual event.

21.  Country Western

(Country Western Cowboy Shower Invitation)

Whether you are a fan of country music or just love the great West, you can use this theme as a basis for a chic wedding shower.  Burlap is your friend for this theme, as you can use it for everything from table runners to banners to wrapping prizes.

22.  Southwestern Fiesta

(Two Photo Couple’s Fiesta Invitation)

A fiesta is hot enough for a daytime or evening bridal shower.  Use this for any kind of shower you wish–put on salsa music for a dance party or cook delicious Tex-Mex for a yummy kitchen shower.

23.  Patriotic Barbecue

Share your American spirit with a red, white, & blue wedding shower.  You can vary this theme with a backyard grill-out, old-fashioned barbecue (with your family’s secret barbecue recipe), or a patriotic party.

24.  Summer Kitchen Bounty

(Refreshing Summer Kitchen Shower Invitation)

Summer produce is rolling into the markets, so your kitchen bridal shower will be delicious with ripe fruits, fresh vegetables and artisan cheeses.  Variation idea:  I recently attended a Pampered Chef bridal shower, and the bachelor guests loved the fresh-cooked food.  The bride & groom chose things out of the catalog as their shower registry.

25.  Tropical Island

(Palm Tree Island Bridal Shower Invitation)Lemon-Refreshing-Summer-Kitchen-Recipe-Shower-invitation

Transform any space into an island paradise with a playlist of reggae, salsa, and other island music.  For a hot summer night, use tiki torches outside and candles inside.

26.  Wine

(Fine Bridal Shower Invitation)

The object of this shower is to build the couple’s wine cellar, but you can also turn this into a champagne breakfast or wine tasting party.  You might assign different guests a particular region or type of wine but also have different kinds of wine available for guests to sample at the shower.

You can view other ideas in our Bridal Shower Invitation galleries!

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