Underwater Swim Creature Party Game

Underwater Swim Creature Party Game

To begin, guests stand in a circle, facing inward. Choose three underwater creatures and walk around the circle naming the kids in sequence – whale, shark, turtle, whale, shark, turtle, etc., so you have several of each underwater animal standing at intervals.

When you call out the name of a group, the kids in that group go for a “swim”. This means walking around the outside of the circle and listening to your instructions. If you say the sea is rough, they must jog around the circle. When you say it’s getting rougher they run faster and if you say the tide turns, they turn and run in the other direction. When you say STORM, they must run back to their original places in the circle. The last to arrive is out and sits in place, facing outward. To make the game more fun, call out more than one group at a time. Continue the game until there is only one player left (who gets a prize, of course!).

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