Undersea Fish Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Undersea Fish Themed Birthday Party Ideas, InvitationHere is a collection of all of our undersea, ocean & fish birthday party ideas that we posted over the past few days, feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below also. We have several photo birthday invitation designs in our galleries for your party also, or you may adapt any of our other designs to add undersea & fish theming for your party. These undersea fish themed birthday party ideas are sure to make your party fun!

Party food ideas:

For the punch bowl, use blue kool-aid & sprite with gummy sharks frozen in ice cubes to look like fish swimming around!

Set out a bowl of fish-shaped crackers for your guests to snack on during the party, or as an appetizer while you prepare other snacks.

Starfish Cake

Worms in a Blanket

Turtle Shell Treats

Shark Punch

Party Activities:

Fish for a Name Tag

Little Squirt Water Fun Gallery

Underwater Swim Creature Game

Sea Shell Treasure Hunt

Octopus Tag

Fish, Fish, Shark

Fish Themed Decoration Ideas:

Hang blue and green streamers lengthwise from the ceiling to simulate the ocean – the kids love to run through them. Other ideas include cutting out the silhouettes of waves out of blue poster board, hang around the room to create the ocean. Buy a few rolls of fish themed wrapping paper and cut out the fish. Glue on the posterboard so that they are “swimming” around the party room.

For your favors, fill a themed goodie bag with goldfish crackers, a water toy, fish shaped fruit snacks, bubbles, novelty sunglasses or swim goggles, swimmies or other pool toys!


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