Twin Winter Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Double the snowflakes, double the fun! These twin winter birthday invitation wording ideas & joint snow party verses celebrate your joy in frosty style. Whether you are having a classic double winter wonderland party, a frozen fairytale twin princess event, or any other style of celebration, adapt these suggestions to suit your needs. Be inspired to use any of these ideas on your own twin birthday invitations & joint party cards today!

  • Double the laughter, double the fun, our winter babies are turning one!Twin Winter Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas & Joint Snow Party Verses
  • We royally request thy attendance at this gleeful Frozen tea for fun and more, as we celebrate our twin princesses turning four!
  • Please join us for the royal birthday of our Winter Princes… a frosty fairytale event to honor __!
  • Winter snowflakes and sledding fun, the party time has nearly begun! Please join us for a party to celebrate ___!
  • Penguins dance with polar bears too, it’s a double winter party and we’re inviting you! ___ & __’s Super Snowy Birthday Party!
  • A Royal Winter Birthday Celebration for our Princesses… Let’s honor __ & ___ on their special day!
  • There’s frosty fun waiting for you, a party is coming to our igloo! Join us to celebrate, __ & ___  are turning 2! Sled on over on…
  • Snowflake kisses, laughter & fun, we’re celebrating our blessings and double the fun! So join us at this time of holiday cheer, it’s time to celebrate __ & ___’s __ year!

  • For the First Time in Forever… they are turning __! Please join us for a Frozen event to celebrate on…
  • Snowflakes are falling on our birthday! Waddle on over to our igloo, Our little penguins are turning two!Twin Winter Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas & Joint Snow Party Verses
  • We can hardly believe a year has passed, our little snow babies have grown so fast! Join us for a winter-one-derland of fun, as we celebrate __ & __ turning 1!
  • Come on over for some birthday fun! Our little snow belles are turning ONE! __’s Winter Birthday Party!
  • Baby, it’s cold outside! Come warm up and join us for a celebration to honor the upcoming birthdays of __ & ___.
  • Double the snowflakes, double the fun, our winter snow babies are turning ONE! __’s First Birthday Party!
  • Hot cocoa, logs on the fire, Come enjoy some frosty fun… __ & __ are turning __!
  • In a magical kingdom ‘neath a blanket of white, lives our tiny snow princesses who are full of delight. Their icicle castle is ready for you, decked out to celebrate these princesses turning two! Hitch a ride on a snowflake ’cause the event will be grand! Please join us for __ & ___’s Winter Wonderland Birthday!
  • One set of candles on the cake, one pair of wishes to make… Our little snowflakes are turning one, please join us for birthday fun!
  • A Frosty Fairytale Winter Event to celebrate __& ___’s __ Birthday!
  • Our little snow princesses are turning one… Join us to celebrate their frosty first birthday!
  • It’s a Surprise Party for __ & __ – Please help us share in the joy of their winter __ birthday!

See even more winter party invitation wording ideas here, and then use these on any of our designs, especially this gallery full of winter event invitation designs!

Twin Boy & Girl First Birthday Card in Blue & Pink


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