Twin Birthday Wording Ideas

Looking for double invitation wording as fun as your twins? Our clients have invented some fabulous twin birthday wording ideas for their twin birthday invitations, and we’ve added some of our own to the mix. Feel free to use any of these ideas on your own twin, joint or sibling birthday invitation cards or customize them to make them as unique as your own family.

1.  “Double the giggles, double the glee, our precious twins are turning three!”  (Pink & Blue Sibling Photo Birthday Invitation)

2.  “Four bright eyes and two wide grins, it’s the first birthday party for our twins!” (Boy & Girl Twin Collage Birthday Invitation)

3.  “Dump everything!  Our twin boys’ birthday is under construction!”  (Construction Twin Birthday Invitation)

4.  “Double the blessings, double the fun, our twin boys are turning one!”  (Blue & Brown Twin Collage Birthday Invitation)

5.  “Please join us and share our double joy, as our twins turn one!”  (Jungle Safari Twin Invitation)

6.  “Hear ye, hear ye, please join us for a royal to do. Our little princesses are turning two!” (Photo Birthday Twin Princess Invitation)

7.  “One little candle, two little cakes!  Please come help us celebrate!” (Boy & Girl Hawaiian Birthday Invitation)Twin Birthday Wording Ideas - Double Invitation Wording, Twin Cards

8.  “Friends of the jungle have gathered to say…’Join us to celebrate our twins’ birthday!'”  (Twin Zoo Animal Invitation)

9.  “Howdy pardners!  Our little cowboys are turning five so saddle up and take a ride!”  (Three Photo Twin Cowpoke Invitation)

10.  “They’re cute and sweet and so much fun–our little twins are turning one!” (Sibling Monkey Birthday Invitation)

11.  “We can’t believe a it’s been a year, our 5th birthday is finally here!”  (Chocolate & Pink Squares Twin Invitation)

12.  “With a baa and a moo and an oink oink too, our twins want to celebrate their birthday with you!”  (Joint Farm Birthday Invitation)

13.   “Double the trouble, double the fun, our little girls will be turning one!”  (Pink & Green Twin Cupcake Invitation)

14.  “Hear ye, hear ye, please join us for a royal celebration.  Our little princes are turning one!”  (Twin Prince Birthday Invitation)

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