Turn of the Tide: Laundry Pods!

Tide Pods Spring Meadow
Over the years, my laundry room has seen its share of Tide bottles. Even though I don’t use it in every wash, a cycle in Tide does wonders for keeping little-boy shirts and socks bright and clean-looking.

And, yes, the little boy likes to help mommy with the laundry, but sometimes the detergent spills too much into or outside of (!) the machine. That’s why I’m looking forward to trying Tide Pods Spring Meadow. Fresh scent? No extra detergent spills? A simple packet of detergent to throw into the machine? Yes please!

I see laundry basketball games in our future…”Quick, sweetie! Can you throw your shirts into the machine faster than mommy? I’ll even let you throw the Tide Pod in because it’s easier!”

If you click on the widget above to go to the P&G site, you can see the new product for yourself and get to a place where you can order it personally. You’ll receive 10% off all items now through August 31 (2012) and free shipping for orders of $25. Oh, and they have fun Olympic-themed deals too right now!

There are more deals on P&G’s site, so check them out and then let us know what your favorite deal is! Chances are others will love the same deals you do.

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