Treasure Trove of Children’s Fall Party Themes

We’re sharing a treasure trove of children’s fall party themes for your own party planning ideas!

Each idea is followed by one of our matching party invitations, Treasure Trove of Children's Fall Party Themesalthough we have many birthday invitations that are created in these themes and can adapt any of our designs to suit your own celebration, of course. Share your autumn birthday ideas in the comments below!

Rustic Outdoors

1   fall at the farm (Farm Animal Birthday Invitation)

2   apple orchard (Rustic Apple Pickin’ Birthday Invitation)

3   pumpkin patch (Cute Pumpkin Patch Birthday Invitation)

4  scarecrow (Fall Scarecrow Birthday Invitation)

5  harvest choo choo train (Fall Pumpkin Train Birthday Invitation)

6  leaves (Leafy Pumpkin Multi-Photo Invitation)

7  John Deere farmer (John Deere Multi-Photo Invitation)

Halloween & Other Fall Fun

1    jack-o-lantern (Jack-O-Lantern Birthday Invitation)

2    pumpkin princess (Pumpkin Princess Birthday Invitation)

3    pumpkin patch prince

4    creepy-crawlies – spiders, beetles, worms, and so much more! (Sweet Spider Birthday Invitation)

5    freaky flyers–bats, crows, etc. (Halloween Baby Shower Invitation – Frightful & Delightful!)

6    orange & black party (Boo-utiful Halloween Birthday Invitation)

7    sugar and spice

8    black kitty cat (Pumpkin Kitty Cat Birthday Invitation)

9    sunflower garden (Sunflower Baby Shower Invitation)

10    Fall owl (Fall Owl Birthday Invitation)

11    1001 Arabian Nights

12    enchanted forest (Woodsy Forest Friends Birthday Invitation)

13    alien monsters (Monsters & Aliens Birthday Invitation)

14    monster eyeballs (Monster Bash Party Invitation)

15    pumpkin monkey (Fall Monkey Birthday Invitation)

16    Spiderman (Colorful Photo Spiderman Birthday Invitation)

17     or just spiders (Boo! Spider Halloween Birthday Invitation)

18   football (Football Collage Birthday Invitation)

19    basketball (Photo Basketball Birthday Invitation)

20   mummy (Mummy to Be Baby Shower Invitation)

21    pirate (Photo Pirate Birthday Invitation)

22    spooky house (Tricky Treat Halloween Invitation)

23    costume party (Joint Pumpkin Costume Party Invitation)


1  turkey (Gobble Turkey Birthday Invitation)

2  Pilgrims (Three Photo Thanksgiving Turkey Birthday Invitation)

3  Pocahontas – paint with all the colors of the wind! (Paint Artist Birthday Invitation)

4  Thanksgiving farm (Our Little Turkey Birthday Invitation)

2 thoughts on “Treasure Trove of Children’s Fall Party Themes

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    Celebrate the fairytale princess’ first birthday with her soft pink autumn princess invitation, carefully crafted for family and friends. The royal event is announced with a light gold pumpkin coach with autumn leaves adorning the graphic. A soft pink…

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    You are invited for an enchanted autumn party in honor of our twins’ birthday! Casting double the enchantment for a twin party, this fairytale double enchantment fall birthday invitation celebrates your princesses in regal style. A royal purple backgro…

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