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Train Birthday Party Ideas, Train Birthday Invitations

We love creating your custom train birthday invitations – here are some train birthday party ideas for your birthday planning also!

Decorations & games:

Thomas (or train) streamers, balloons , red/white tablecloths:Train Birthday Invitation Colorful 1st Boy

Identify areas of your party room with train parts or station signs on poster boards (i.e. mark the play area as “Recreation Station”, snacks and cake as “Sweet Street”, drinks as the “Juice Caboose”, etc.)

Paint a few train cars out of large appliance boxes (go to an appliance store or Home Depot). Have these in the center of the room for guests to play on/in/around.

Go to the dollar store & get a couple of wooden train sets – assemble for centerpieces on the tables.

Hang a Thomas (or train) pinata filled with small treats or prizes (safety note – use the pull string type so no one gets hurt).

Make bean (rice or sand works too) bags out of black socks (lumps of coal). Paint a train silhouette on heavy board with a hole cut out in the coal car. At the party, have them toss the coal into the car.

Play follow the engine (or conductor). Have guests line up behind the leader – they must do what he/she does – jump, hop, skip, walk, etc. while the music is playing – everyone gets a turn to be the leader. A conductor hat is a nice prop here, or a black top hat like Sir Topham Hat could be cute as well.

Have someone punch their tickets when they get there (included in the invitations), then have a train track on the floor that leads to different places – one to the food area, one to the train table, one to the game area, etc..

Temporary train tattoos can be fun, also a table with crayons and trains and pictures to color.

Bring out a bunch of ride on toys after cake and let them go to town.


If you do platters of sandwiches, use a train shaped cookie cutter to remove the crusts.

If you plan on serving pizza, get the boxes ahead of time. Cover them with black paper and using chalk, draw tracks across the lids. Return them to the pizza store in advance so that your pies can be delivered in the decorated boxes. Line up the boxes across the buffet table with the lids closed and hang a banner above saying :

Choo! Choo! ______’s 2! – He’d like to share some pizza with you!


Conductor hats & whistles, train sets, stickers, Thomas lollipops.

Have the birthday boy wear a conductor outfit too!

Be sure to check out our train birthday invitation designs for your party!

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