Toy of the week – Weebles Weebalot Castle


Lil’ Duck loves Weebles!! We have the treehouse and now for his birthday, he got the Weebles Weebalot Castle. Not only does it have lots of pieces to take in and out, it also has a long winding slide that lands the Weebles squarely in the moat, much to Lil’ Duck’s delight. He quickly discovered the button that makes the moat spin around, sending the Weebles for the ride of their lives. Of course, he tries to put all sorts of other things on there and jams the whole thing up, but that is easily fixed.

I’m just glad that a) it entertains him for long periods of time without me and b) the music doesn’t drive me crazy – it is varied and sounds like fat little dancing Weebles ;), tho it is still rather loud for my taste.

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  1. What a neat lookin’ toy!
    It is amazing to walk around the toy store and see all the new stuff… UMMM, I would have loved silly toys like that when I was little!

    BTW- he is adorable and has the BEST smile!

  2. Looks like a cool toy. And being able to stand the music is a plus.
    Hope you two are feeling better!

  3. jen #

    wow what a cool toy
    when hes finished playing with can we have a turn too
    I love his smile

  4. Kailani #

    Your house must look like a Toys R Us store!

  5. She #

    weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! My son loves weebles as well. I can remember weebles from my childhood.


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