Toy of the week – Little People Ramps Round Garage

I thought I’d start a new feature here, since everyone is always asking for toy recommendations. Honestly, you don’t have a million toys taking over your houses already?? I’m always looking for new ideas too though, anything to keep him from destroying my stuff, right?

Lil’ Duck loves his Little People Garage lately – not only can the cars go up and down the “wramps”, but the Weebles, balls, and all the zoo animals can also participate (usually by being thrown down the elevator shaft, hmmmm). He cracks me up because he is always imitating the garage noises it makes – I like it because it isn’t too loud and annoying, plus there isn’t any tunes that get stuck in your head like many other toys.

It is an AWFUL pain to put this thing together, so if you get it, hide it and put it together away from the little one, the last thing you need is them “helping” to position the ramps, turn the screwdriver, eating your instructions, etc etc. – you can tell that I had help from the little one, right? ;)

Anyway, we love it now that it is together, it makes for hours of entertainment and reminds me of a similar garage I had as a child – actually, I don’t even mind playing with it myself.

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