Toy of the week – Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set (Leapfrog)

Leapfrog magnetic lettersLil’ Duck is currently obsessed with his Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set by Leapfrog. Thankfully if you set it on the low volume setting, it isn’t terribly annoying – he already picks out several letters by name and loves putting them on the magnetic base and dancing around to the letter song. They’re a little wider than regular letter magnets too, so they aren’t lost as easily under my fridge and stove, etc. As a nice side perk, they have yet to scratch my faux stainless steel appliances ;).

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  1. Angel #

    My 3-year-old niece has that! She loves it and I think it really has helped her learn the alphabet because she loves anything with a rhythm and she loves to sing and dance to the little songs!

    – Angel

  2. We have one of these. Our kiddies like certain letters, but most of the time it’s putting the volume on high and playing the ABC song. That can get annoying! :) I think our kiddies might be the wrong age yet, since they already can say all of their ABCs. Now, changing that into phonetical sounds is not something they’ve mastered yet.

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