Top 13 Tax Procrastinating Cities in America

Top 13 Tax Procrastinating Cities in America:

With the tax deadline of April 15 right around the corner, Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU), the maker of TurboTax products, again tallied last-minute online tax filings to find out which American cities are the biggest procrastinators when it comes to filing federal income tax returns.

The following list includes the TOP 13 TAX PROCRASTINATING CITIES IN AMERICA determined by the number of tax returns electronically filed online via the TurboTax Online service from April 14-April 17, 2007 (previous year ranking in parenthesis):

  1. Chicago, Ill. – (#2) – Chicago is the “Second City” no more as it takes the top spot for the first time in the seven years the list has been compiled.
  2. New York, N.Y. – (#5) – After procrastinating less last year, the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple takes its toll on taxpayers as NYC climbs back up the list to rank at Number 2. The Giants may be number one in pro football, but New York is second on our list of late filers.
  3. Houston, Texas – (#1) – Houstonians have topped our list more than any other city (three times) but must have tired of being the top procrastinators. Progress is progress and Houstonians drop two spots this year.
  4. Austin, Texas – (#4) Austin continues to procrastinate as they lock up the fourth spot for the second straight year. One of the fastest growing cities in America, Austin may be too busy to worry about taxes until the deadline forces them to.
  5. San Francisco, Calif. – (#5) –The City by the Bay held steady in the fifth slot for the second straight year. In a year that saw the home run record fall to Barry Bonds, taxpayers in San Francisco waited until they had a full count to take a swing at doing their taxes.
  6. San Diego, Calif. – (#6) –The home of the 2008 U.S. Open, and home to TurboTax, San Diego dropped to sixth last year and is there yet again. After topping the list two years ago, San Diegans are relaxed in the sixth place.
  7. Seattle, Wash. – (#8)Grunge may have gone the way of disco, but Seattle residents continue to live a laid back lifestyle and are still late with filing their tax returns. The Emerald City jumps one spot this year.
  8. Las Vegas, Nev. – (#11) – Making its return to the list after a two-year absence is the jewel of southern Nevada, Las Vegas.
  9. San Antonio, Texas – (#7) –Settled first in 1731, San Antonio ranks as one of America’s oldest cities. Despite its age, the home of the Alamo is steeped in today as its residents use the power of online tax prep to file at the last minute.
  10. Los Angeles, Calif. – (#12) –Apparently Los Angelinos were busy chasing Britney Spears all over town and waited until the deadline to file their taxes. At least they didn’t let the forlorn Britney file their taxes for them.
  11. Dallas, Texas
  12. San Jose, Calif.
  13. Phoenix, Ariz.

Fun facts: -California and Texas tied for the lead on the list with the most cities totaling three each.
-Eight of the top 10 cities are west of the Mississippi River.

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  1. Chris #

    This Seattlite was filed before 2/15 and his refund in already in the bank. Fun list, happy TT.

  2. Texas time!

  3. I used to put off shaving my “winter beard” until April 15th, so I could say I was doing it in honor of our National Day of Mourning (by serfs who were supposedly born citizens). Now, I just keep the beard and millitate for moving Election Day to April 15…

  4. SJ Reidhead #


    The Pink Flamingo

  5. I didnt see Yucaipa California on the list. They must not have found me yet:) Happy TT.

  6. What a funny thing to investigate! I mean funny like tee-hee funny, not like odd.

    Ours are DONE and in. Whew.

  7. I have to add my own private world to the list.

  8. I did ours last week. But I did it the old fashioned way, by mail.

    I guess as long as they get it in by th e15th it doesn’t matter how close they leave it to the deadline.

  9. That’s fascinating. Who knew? I wonder why it’s more prevalent in some cities…. I see that here in Denver we get our taxes done.

    Happy TT!

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