Toddler websites – games, activities and more!

Lil’ Duck would love to be on the computer all day, between the keyboard, the things on the screen and the mouse! Here are some of his favorite toddler websites for games, activities & fun:

Just for fun (no redeeming educational value ;)):

  • Kittenwar! – choose the little one’s favorite cat!

If you have Windows, you can also download BabySplat which looks like lots of fun (now where is my Mac version? ;)).

Have another favorite that isn’t listed here? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Toddler websites – games, activities and more!

  1. My baby loves kneebouncers! She also plays a lot on !

  2. Thanks for babysplat. My son loves it. My keyboard on the other hand…..

  3. This is a free and totally awsome webswite geared for toddlers and beginning readers. It teaches in English, French, and Spanish! My son absolutely LOVES this site and they are always updating and changing it!

  4. My children also loved playing online games at an early age. So much so that I made them a portal that was easy for them to choose their favorite games. The Kid’s Portal The youngest includes some of your favorites and some others.

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