Toddler Thanksgiving Fun – Books, Toys, Costumes & More!

Thanksgiving… a time to reflect on our blessings, time for family and relaxing with extended time off of work before the busy holiday season begins – who wouldn’t just love this holiday! I found these suggestions to help you bring toddler Thanksgiving fun to Thanksgiving while telling the story of the holiday.

The wonderful classic in children’s literature is the book, Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving by Ann Mcgovern. “A long time ago, some men and women, boys and girls, two dogs and a cat sailed on a ship across the sea…” Ann Mcgovern is excellent at weaving a historical story that even three year olds will enjoy and understand.

Looking for a “belly laughing” story? 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston is so cute and funny, I attracted attention when giggling in the bookstore… this book is just plain silly! The story is about ten fat turkeys walking along a fence, when one by one they fall, break the fence, and perch on a tree instead. The cute little verses are funny, and intended to appeal to the very young, or young at heart. Definitely am adding this book to our collection.

Clifford’s Thanksgiving Visit by Norman Bridwell is a book not yet in our collection, but soon to be added. Clifford still holds an esteemed place in the toddler’s world…we won’t tell the beloved toy Ducky that, though! While you are taking a look at this book, be sure to scroll down to Clifford’s Christmas as well – especially since you will be wanting that one soon.

Acting out and telling the Thanksgiving story needs some props (like Little People) and this is perfect for Lil’ Duck, who is in the toddler preschool age. Given his recent interest in pirates and boats, the Little People Mayflower Playset will be perfect. Then add the Little People Thanksgiving Celebration – Pilgrims and Indian Friends for “the rest of the story”. This will have the little ones “replaying” the always amusing events of our family get together in the days to follow Thanksgiving.

While you are there and to get the most play value, why not see A Little People Christmas Story Nativity?

Crafts for Thanksgiving and fall are especially fun and Kathy Ross craft books are easily adaptable for younger and older ages. All New Crafts for Thanksgiving by Kathy Ross will have your children constructively creating while giving you time to prepare for the coming day. Why not have the children decorate the table with their creations? Having a group of childern at the Thanksgiving dinner? Instead of playing another DVD, pick a few easy to do crafts and let the cousins have fun making crafts (and memories!).

The generations can have fun together and playing Jingo Thanksgiving will be better than your little one only remembering how “Grandpa always snores after dinner”! Look at the Christmas version if there is a gathering in the future…

Make your life easier when it comes to the Thanksgiving programs and plays your children are participating in this year. Ready made costumes…Child’s Toddler Cute Indian Boy Costume (2-4T), Indian Girl, Child Pilgrim Girl Costume – wonderful for Thanksgiving Plays. Save $10 off all costumes plus free shipping by ordering $50 on costumes and accessories from a single merchant before September 30, 2008 by visiting the promotion page here:’s Costume Store.

While you are thinking of Thanksgiving, don’t forget the need for Advent calendars in the days just after Turkey Day. Playmobil has a countdown to Christmas plus a surprise for each day and this will be a holiday tradition year after year. Take a peek at Advent Calendar Animal Christmas. For older ones, they enjoy the rich art you have come to expect from a Dover Publication in the Old-Time Christmas Village Sticker Advent Calendar by Darcy May. The easy to peel off stickers are perfect for years of use. Both young (2-3 yr) and older ones will enjoy watching the village grow and take on detail. If these aren’t quite what you are looking for, then scroll down to the three pages of various other advent calendar selections – surely you will find the special calendar for you. I will be sending one to our nieces for their pre-Christmas enjoyment!

What starts right AFTER Thanksgiving? The Christmas holiday shopping season! Bookmark this in your favorites right now: Amazon-Favorite One

We will be updating favorites lists and gift suggestions for all ages and especially gift giving ideas to help with those “hard to buy for” friends and family. Also, unique gift ideas will be in our blog. So come often, there might be just the idea you are looking for!

Grandma Duck

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