Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

While making Lil’ Duck’s Christmas list, I find that the big items are fairly easy, but it’s all the little things that I tend to forget. Here’s some toddler stocking stuffer ideas from his list
for your own reference – feel free to add your own ideas in comments as well!

  • Bath squirt animals
  • Ty beanie babies of the Backyardigans (great size for pretend play)
  • Coloring books/markers (we love the color wonder stuff around here for no-mess artistic expression, as I’ve had plenty of art around my house from him in the past).
  • Stickers!!
  • HotWheels cars (maybe a bit too old for some younger toddlers, he LOVES those cars but do be careful of any small parts before you give them to your little ones).
  • Shake ‘n’ Go cars – I especially want to get him Mater & Lightning McQueen now that he saw the movie Cars and LOVED it.
  • A little magna-doodle for travel (car seat entertainment for sure).
  • Bubbles!!
  • Play-doh for older toddlers whose parents do not fear the mess (none in my house, sorry).
  • The little square washcloths that expand in the water – also a fun bath tool after it has expanded.
  • Smaller board books
  • Extra Little People, Weebles, cars, etc for his various playsets.
  • Bath paints, crayons, tablets (again, use your judgement, some younger toddlers aren’t going to be ok with these).
  • Socks!! My house is an endless sock pit, and his feet grow way too fast.

8 thoughts on “Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  1. Thank you so much for this list!!! We have a 16 month old and no other list I’ve seen has so many great ideas!!!!

  2. great ideas! i was trying to figure out what to put in my 16 month old’s stocking. thanks!

  3. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I was wondering what in the WORLD I would stuff my toddler’s stocking with this year! You have given me soooo many ideas — you ROCK!

  4. Great suggestions we have done or are doing all of them (except play dough, one son has a wheat allergy). The magna doodle is great. I keep it in the car so it is only played with there. It’s like a new toy to them every time.

  5. bubbles are cool
    daniel has some squirty bath vechiles and he loves them so do I especially emptying them at the end of bath time – I squirt his back with them which tickles him LOL

  6. Happy C&C Monday. Not much participation in the BC Carnival yesterday; hope you had some visitors.

  7. Great List… I have 2 cousins that are toddlers and I will definetly refer to this list to buy their stocking stuffers :) Now any 9 month old ideas???

  8. Stocking stuffers can be a real doozy to think about…but aren’t they fun? :)

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