Toddler Healthy Eating Tricks

Toddler healthy eating tricks that moms use to get healthy food into little ones:

  • Let them serve themselves out of the serving dishes on the table (if they aren’t hot of course).
  • Smoothies!
  • Airplane or choo-choo train with the fork.
  • Mix it into something they like already.
  • Ask them if they want a cookie, then give them a Nutri-grain bar – calling them cookies makes them more appealing.
  • Give them things to dip – meat in ketchup or dressing, fruit in yogurt, etc.
  • Apparently shredded raw carrot is yummier than regular cooked carrot.
  • Fruit snacks as a treat at the end if they try a bite of _______.
  • Fill them up earlier so not eating later isn’t so much of an issue (maybe not the best solution, but I find I can get a lot of healthy food into Lil’ Duck in the morning much easier than in the evening).
  • Take a bite of their food and make a big show of how yummy it is. They usually either get mad because you are eating their food and eat it themselves, or want it because you have it.
  • Eat it yourself at a low desk or couch or somewhere accessible, don’t act like it’s for them, the forbidden fruit must usually be tasted ;).
  • Give them the vegetables right before dinner and before they see the other food so that they’re more likely to eat.
  • Make the beloved toy/stuffed animal take a bite and proclaim its yumminess – the duck eats everything and gets Lil’ Duck to at least try most things.
  • Cut the food into shapes, or make faces or letters. Some little ones like it to spell out their name.
  • Buy them a special plate and bowl set – one mom had great success with a Thomas plate & bowl set, he now eats everything on his plate!
  • Sometimes, give them one food first – if they have noodles with meat and veggies, they are likely to fill up on noodles and not eat much of the other, so wait on noodles until after eating the other food.

6 Responses to Toddler Healthy Eating Tricks

  1. Jessica #

    Sounds like some of those ideas are good ideas!

  2. thy #

    I use the forbidden fruit method on my dog.

    works like a charm. though sometimes it works when i don’t need it to (he loves soymilk now)!

  3. Kailani #

    Yes, Girlie Girl seems to enjoy her meals a lot more if it’s on her Disney Princess plate.

  4. I’m so glad you posted these tips. Cameron’s 14 months old and I’d forgotten what a challenge it is to make sure they’re getting the right nutrients when they move past baby food. I do use some of these, like the granola bars, but I’ll take all the help I can get. Needs to be healthy for my shih tzu, Chelsea, too, since the baby’s discovered how fun it is to throw food all over the place for her to run and grab. Sigh…..

  5. I like to tell my kids the food is mine and don’t eat it. Of course, they eat it and start laughing at me.

  6. Those are great ideas Lisa. We have done pretty much all of those with Nate. Another great food item is those yogurt covered raisins. They look like candy and taste sweet so Nate never knows the difference.

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