Toddler Haircutting Suggestions

After our haircutting drama, I asked for suggestions in getting Lil’ Duck’s hair cut…. here are the toddler haircutting suggestions, some wonderful ideas!

Leslie suggested:

There are some hair salons that have a special seat for children – it looks like a car or a tractor. It makes it fun for them to sit in and they have the wheel to play with to keep them preoccupied. They usually have a T.V. with cartoons nearby, too.
You could also try letting him sit in your lap for the haircut. Sometimes that makes it a little less stressful for the little one.

Daddy Forever had the suggestion which we actually used:

We have the same problem with our kids when it comes to hair cuts. Once or twice, my wife gave my son a hair cut/trim while he was taking a nap. She laid out towels ahead of time (which I didn’t have the foresight to do, but the sheets needed washing anyway….).

Lisa had a great insight:

I know there isn’t much rationalizing to be done with a two year old, but have you discoved what it is that he so dislikes about the hair cutting process? Maybe that will help to get to the root of the problem.

Laura added:

After having 4 girls who LOVED going to get their hair cut, along came my son who cried and wiggled and squirmed. You would think we were torturing him or trying to steal his soul. Perhaps it is the Samson complex. I joked with the sweet lady that it was like shearing a sheep. She and I would be bathed in sweat and covered in little bits of his fine hair. He would be handsome with his tear stained face sucking on the lollipo and clutching the balloon he earned for this bit of torture.
But now we have his big sister cutting his hair. He will let her do it as long as she showers him with kisses and gives him ice cream after. She is four months away from getting her cosmetology license. Perhaps she would cut Lil Duck’s hair. (would be nice ;))

Trista said:

Well, I can feel your pain. I have a brother that is 15 years my junior and he had a terrible time with haircuts. My brother would scream every time he saw his hair falling from his head. We found out that he felt an attachment to his hair, and psychologically felt pain from seeing it taken away. With that information we found a very understanding hair dresser that was nice enough to take the time to cut his hair in a special way. She would cut a handful of hair and take the loose hair and discard it without him ever seeing it. We could not believe the difference in his behavior.

Jen had the easiest way out:

Just an idea that’s occurred to me – did you know that in Niue they wait till the boy is a teenager before he gets his hair cut?? Just a thought LOL…. (very funny, Jen ;))

The Wandering Author admitted that:

I’d probably be better at giving Li’l Duck tips for getting out of haircuts – I used to hate them myself. I still do, in fact. He sounds to me like he is much like I was – my problem is that I hated having to sit still. I still feel like my head’s in an invisible prison.
The only thing that worked for me was getting me reading. I think Lil Duck’s probably a bit too young for that, but you could always try telling him a really interesting story, and getting him involved in it. That is, if you are a great storyteller, or know one. Or you could see what he thinks if his duck gets his ‘hair cut’ – although that might just annoy him if he thinks the duck’s being tortured? Good luck!

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  1. Dang – I forgot about this! I promise I’ll get something up soon with some REAL tips from a costmetologist that will help anyone feel more confident about tackling hair cuts! Sorry I forgot. My server’s been on the blitz lately – representative of course of my life the past few weeks….LOL

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