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Toddler Gift Ideas – Part 3 – Stocking Stuffers!

If you haven’t yet seen them, be sure to check out Toddler Gift Ideas – Part 1 and Toddler Gift Ideas – Part 2.

Now, our Toddler Gift Ideas – Part 3, Stocking Stuffer ideas:

Learning Resources Backyard Bugs – just can’t have enough bugs to play with!

i-CAT Chill Clothing Accessories – add on to this or last year’s gift.

SpiderMan Football – good for smaller hands to hold on to with the web-like surface.

Mattel – Cars! Collector set – wrap the 8 separately for added Christmas morning fun or save a few for small gifts throughout the New Year.

Leapster Kids Carry It All Backpack – given all the planning Lil’ Duck does as to which toys will be coming along for play time at G’amma and G’ampa’s house, he needs a backpack (helps to limit the number, believe it or not!).

And, of course, we have to mention toy ducks, being! These cute, yellow numbered ducks have bath time and learning-to-count interest to us right now – Smart Splash Ducks. Have fun looking at all the additional “Make-You-Smile” yellow ducks as you scroll down the page! Stocking stuffer toys for sure.

Check back as we get ever closer to the holiday purchasing season for more ideas which will hopefully be helpful to you and your relatives in finding gifts with value: both play, learning and money value.

See you again soon,

Grandma Duck

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