Toddler Gift Ideas – Part 2

If you haven’t yet seen Grandma Duck’s Toddler Gift Ideas – Part 1, be sure to check it out for more great gift ideas!

By now, Lil Duck has a selection of various little creatures and they are needing some new and exciting adventures as the play sets they came with have already seen multiple hours of play. Why not introduce a new “play set” for all these creatures to inspire imaginative play? Tree house play set definitely has my attention. As the customer review says, “It’s a lasting, creative, open-ended piece of childhood!” I remember our son playing for years with his small tree house and the delightful “adventures” his little creatures had – I really think this will be one of Lil Duck’s Christmas presents this year.

Thomas wooden train the works – trains continue to be a delight and we have even incorporated books about trains into the imaginative play. One book to take a peek at is Goodnight Train. For a train puzzle with a fun tin, look at Thomas the Tank Circus Train 35 Piece Puzzle in Tin.

Remote control cars have always held Lil Duck’s fascination. He has a hand-me-down from a friend which he just realized only turns to the left – “Why won’t it go this way, G’amma?” Guess it is time for a fully functional remote control car. The Tyco R/C Easy Rider is a Mom-Requested, Kid-Tested full function r/c for younger children.

Toddlers and Play-Doh – what a classic match up and for good reasons. From the smell of the Play-Doh (Lil Duck is like G’ampa Duck in liking to smell things) to the “make and swish-it” type of exploration, Lil Duck LOVES Play-Doh time. (good for 2 hours of play delight) Here is the Play-Doh Creativity Center that will help their imaginations as well as help to contain the Play-Doh and play pieces. (I have threatened to teach Lil Duck how to use scissors, the ones in this set might be good for that…(can you hear Mama Duck and Daddy Creature yelling NO!???).

“Today is Wednesday and I go to G’amma’s house today!” “Today is Tuesday. You go tomorrow when it is Wednesday.” “I said today is Wednesday and G’amma comes to get me today!” While it warms my heart to know he LOVES to come play here at my house, it is tough on the parents when a little one doesn’t understand the days of the week. Maybe it is time for Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Calendar. There are many different variations available, why this one? There are magnets for holiday and childhood activities, it is a magnetic dry-erase board and the quality. Tracking the weather is also possible and we all know how much toddlers love informing us about the weather!(“I hear thunder. When will it rain? The thunder is louder. Will it rain soon?…) Also the Deluxe version seems to be the same price as the regular version – go for the Deluxe.

Did you see the Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart when you were viewing the Magnetic Calendar? When you are ready for responsibility charts, look over this book Rewards for Kids!. I can assure you from experience, the child is ready for appropriate levels of responsibility before you think they are! We underestimate their abilities so often. Also giving a young child responsible, contributing-to-the-family type activities, helps to not only teach them, but also directs their attention to constructive activities during the day and not de-structive (I said helps, not prevents!).

Shopping Tip: Don’t forget the extra colors for added fun – Play-Doh 50th Birthday Rainbow Pack

Last Christmas, Lil Duck got an i-Dog from Uncle Duck and has enjoyed singing and dancing with his special dog (which stays up on the desk for the dog’s safety). Thought you would enjoy the other variations available this year such as the i-CY and i-Cat. They also have fun clothes for dress up fun – i-DOG Chill Clothing Accessories.

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