Toddler Gift Ideas – Part 1

When Lil Duck’s birthday comes in September, I start thinking about Christmas gifts as well, which shows my plan-ahead style when it comes to surviving the Christmas season.

So here are some of the gift ideas, there is quite a variety, and, of course, once you click on the item, you will see a selection of similar items which are quite interesting as well. So here we go through my gift idea list for a toddler…

First you need to order the Advent Calendar now so you will be able to start the countdown on time! I have long been on a search for a nice REUSEABLE advent calendar and this one certainly is – Magnetic Advent Calendar.

Hopping and hiding, what could be more fun for a toddler? Lil Duck is always bouncing around and plays hide-n-seek every time I come over to pick him up. A great way to introduce him to games and learn memory skills with the Bunny Hop Game. Several of the suggested games might fit your toddler’s specific interests as well.

For mix and match memory games this teddy bear one has an appeal – Teddy Mix & Match game. Not the usual square cards and made by Ravensburger ( I like their quality product and art work).

Teaching numbers with a game – try 123 Domino Game, there are 9 different domino games for various ages, which is nice for a family gift.

Hmmm…only $14.99 for a MP3 made for toddler hands…looks most interesting. Singing and moving to music is so important at this age, plus burning off some of the excess energy is helpful! This looks to be an appealing Christmas gift. Playskool Dance Along MP3 (boy and girl colors available) is affordable, durable and you can choose five different play lists. Maybe this will keep the little one away from our i-Pods….

Talking about music development, given the popularity of the Blue Man Group, I thought you might have some children interested in the Blue Man Percussion Tubes.

Every child has to have a basket of play food, like the Learning Resources Picnic Play Food Basket, to concoct the strangest food combination imaginable. Not that the child himself will taste any new foods! Lil’ Duck enjoys “making” a potato chip – watermelon-on-a-bun sandwich for me and, of course, leftovers have to go into the pretend refrigerator of his kitchen set.

Which brings us to a kitchen set. There are so many different varieties available and the space you have will be a factor in the decision so here is one kitchen set that looks compact (and you can look around once in the site) Little Tikes Cookin Fun Interactive Kitchen

Don’t forget the Little Tikes Shopping Cart which is used to cart all kinds of things around (I find it most useful to encourage fun cleanup time – “Let’s race to see who can clean this the fastest and you get the cart!”).

Shopping tip: don’t forget the extra food and dish sets, makes great gift ideas for the relatives to add on to the whole theme. Here are some to look at: 101 Piece Play Food Assortment and Battat Deluxe Kitchen Play Set .

Now, on to Toddler Gift Ideas – Part 2!

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  1. Wow, this list is great! Thanks for the ideas. I’m on the lookout for gifts for Snuggle Bug’s birthday in December and, of course, Christmas!


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