Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Adding onto my list of toddler meal ideas, here are more toddler breakfast ideas from fellow moms:

  • Oatmeal with honey and plain yogurt (makes it creamy and gives more calcium).
    • Also can use peanut butter (for older toddlers), yogurt, and agave sweetener.
    • Lil’ Duck loves the store brand cinnamon raisin instant oatmeal made with soy milk.
  • All fruit (three fruits/berries)
  • Cottage cheese with pineapple, peaches or tomatoes
  • Cheerios in milk
  • We use the Cheerios/Clifford Crunch mixed with soy yogurt still – you can also add fruit (pureed or just cut up, depending on the little one’s preferences).
  • Eggs with cheese
  • Fried egg sandwiches
  • Turkey bacon (Lil’ Duck loves regular bacon, but he obviously doesn’t get it very often)
  • Cheese ravioli with peas
  • A heap of frozen blueberries defrosted
  • Fresh strawberries with honey
  • French toast – this can be made ahead and kept in the fridge or freezer (I just buy the pre-made stuff, probably not quite as healthy though).
    • Brave mommies can give a little bowl of syrup/applesauce/other fruit puree/honey to dip the sticks into (can you tell I’m NOT that brave? ;)).
  • Waffles (a Lil’ Duck favorite!)
  • Bagels with cream cheese (Lil’ Duck prefers regular bread, toasted with cream cheese)
  • Some moms have had success with those Gerber Graduates Flakes (kinda like oatmeal but with dried fruit as well) – I guess it is too textured for the Lil’ Duck because he flat-out refuses to do anything but smear it all over my kitchen…..
  • He also refuses any Nutri-grain or Gerber breakfast bars, but it might be worth a try for your little one…
  • Grits – Lil’ Duck loves them, I make them with soy milk and sometimes stir in a little cheese or fruit as well.
  • Cream of Wheat – same as above.
  • Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies (cutting the sugar and using applesauce) can be fairly healthy as well.

6 Responses to Toddler Breakfast Ideas

  1. susie #

    Great list. My little one love edamame and rice.

  2. My brats insist on “cereal wiff milk and nanna’s, mommy” LOL They love cornflakes with just BARELY a sprinkle of sugar and sliced bananas mixed in. We try to stay AWAY FROM THE EVIL SUGAR! LOL They wont hardly eat candy or sweets, they love fruits and veggies though. Brat2 has been asking for “baby tree food” lately (which is broccoli), they love to “dump” (their version of “dip”) things into ranch dressing. They also love “scrambled eggs with ketchup” YUM!! Ever try it? hehehe

  3. Jon Cox #

    YUM!!!!! :o)

  4. great ideas! How come Lil Duck gets soy instead of milk? Are you vegan? My little monkey has pretty much the same breakfast each day: nutrios, a sippy cup of milk, and a different fruit each day. I should change it up a bit….She’s not a big eater at breakfast, but maybe that’s because she’s really not that into the nutrios, and I have to face facts! ;)

  5. Kailani #

    My daughter’s favorite is Strawberry Waffles or the instant oatmeal. These are some great ideas!

  6. She #

    what great ideas. thanks so much.

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