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Make Your Own Kite

Make Your Own Kite! This party activity & favor can be used with many different party themes to suit your own event. Take a trip outside and let your guests feel the exhilaration of flying! If you do not have a kite of your own, you can make a simple one from sturdy, lightweight fabric, 2 wire coat hangers (or thin wood sticks), and a spool of strong twine. Cut the fabric in a diamond shape. Straighten both coat hangers […]

Recycling for the bird feeders!

Recycling for the bird feeders! We all know how much fun the little ones have when they get to make pine cone/peanut butter bird feeders, but this is a fun, easy activity that can help teach preschoolers & younger school age children how to recycle at the same time.  It was passed along to me by a fellow mama – enjoy! What you need… Mesh Bags (like the ones onions, apples, or oranges come in) Dryer Lint Bits of Thread […]

Pat Pat Rocket - Little Einsteins

Toy of the Week – Little Einstein’s “Pat Pat Rocket”

Why do children latch into certain toys, waking up and asking about that one or two toys immediately? Lil’ Duck asks about his Pat Pat Rocket every morning and it is never far from him throughout his day. As an adult it doesn’t look all that appealing to me, but putting the characters in their correct seats (of course they had to enter the rocket by stepping three times on the steps), closing the cover and having it make sounds […]

Kindermusik Baby Activity Ideas

Lil Duck started Kindermusik this week and LOVED IT! He was so energized, in a good way :). The mental stimulation from these Kindermusik baby activity ideas is giving him yet another way to direct his enthusiasm in a very constructive manner. Being a very musical family (Mama Duck has a degree in music performance and Daddy Duck is also very musical), Lil Duck naturally has an interest in creating music. Since Mama Duck used to teach piano to young […]

Toy of the Week – Whac-A-Mole game!

Yes, the child whacks the cute moles with a plastic mallet and those moles pop back up with a giggle! The moles are dressed with hard-hats if that makes you feel better :). Lil’ Duck was delighted on Christmas morning to find a toy where he could take it out and have some good ol’ fun and have the Whac-A-Mole Game light up and giggle back at him. I was pleased to discover that there are various levels of play […]

Tips for Getting Your Dog Baby-Ready

How to help your furry friend adjust to the new family member with these Tips for Getting Your Dog Baby-Ready: Bringing a newborn into the home is exciting, but it can also be a major upset for the family dog, especially if he’s used to free reign in the house. Fortunately, Canine behavior specialist Kelly Beasley of Camp Bow Wow can provide dog owners with easy tips and tutorials for getting Fido on his best baby-ready behavior. Tips for Getting […]