Toddler activity ideas – saving what is left of my house!

Toddler activity ideas – saving what is left of my house! As you can see from my Thursday Thirteen list, my little guy is always looking for new activities. Here are some ideas that do NOT involve my nail polish or other forbidden items:

  • Make posters out of poster boards. You can use photos of family and friends, or cutouts from magazines of foods/animals/other interesting items. Lil’ Duck loves the gecko in the Geico ads, so I have a few of those on there. It gives them something fun to explore and they like to help make it too ;).
  • Along the same idea, use a little photo book to display their very own favorite photos (get reprints or use rejects though, Lil’ Duck has been known to take them out of the sleeves and tear them to shreds).
  • Boys tend to love cars – hot wheels, fisher-price, etc – they can be launched off tables, rolled up and down walls, stacked, etc. which provides hours of amusement.
  • Be sure to take them outside and run them around as much as possible if you want to sleep at night – go to the park, the mall, just take a walk around the outdoors even, throw them in the pool, you get the idea.
  • Bubbles!!
  • Puzzles – Lil’ Duck loves the letter and number ones right now, needs a little help sometimes, but he will sit and play with them for quite a while.
  • Make a kitchen cabinet for your little one – put tupperware, spoons, colanders, etc in there and let them play while you work. Lil Duck also likes to take out all the pots and pans and put Cheerios in and out of them, stack them & put lids on them.
  • Online toddler games

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  1. Thanks for the list of ideas! Will try out the bubbles! Indeed, it’s important to keep the little ones active throughout the day for a good nite’s sleep;-)

  2. We love bubbles here! I’m going to bookmark the toddler site. Thanks.

  3. I wish I had some of these ideas when my daughter was a toddler.

  4. What a great list you have come up with :)

  5. great ideas! the cuboard is so good for the little ones who love to pullout things.

  6. Jan #

    Great ideas! Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. Michelle #

    great list! We have tons of my hubby’s childhood matchbox cars, so I am sure my son will have a blast with those.

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