Tips and tricks for giving medicine to little ones

Tips and tricks for giving medicine to little ones:

This is assuming you consulted with your doctor and it’s ok to give them the medicine and so forth. A warning to those who pour it down their throat while they are screaming – they throw it back up and it just isn’t a great thing…. yes, that’s personal experience talking, I was desperate, ugh.

  • Have them lay down on your lap with their legs around you, slumping towards the floor, then give it to them with the dropper.
  • Lay them on the floor on their back, squat over them using your legs to hold their arms down on the sides. Then use one hand to hold their head still and the other to dump it in.
  • Sneak the dropper in while they have their mouth open (make them laugh, etc.), squirting it into the inside of the cheek.
  • Use a little medicine cup (like what you get on top of cough syrup).
  • Use a big medicine dropper (usually found at the store for a dollar or so), put it back between the gum and the cheek and then blow on their face.
  • Use a pacifier dispenser.
  • Use a medicine spoon (the little one would never stand for this, but maybe yours will….)

Anything that works for your little one that I missed?? Share your own ideas below!

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  1. OMG… I think I have found a life saver in you!!!!!
    Thanks for the comment and THANKS for writing all this wonderful advice in your blog! My son has become a PRO at taking meds… we use a nipple from his bottle and squirt the meds in it… your boys are prob to big for that now…. but it has been a dream for my lil guy!

  2. Awwww, hope your cat feels better soon! Hee hee, the idea of wrapping my little guy in a towel just struck me funny….

  3. Except for the pacifier and spoon, we’re using these methods with our cat, who picked up a virus at the vet’s and needs an antibiotic. Wrapping in a towel first, also helps.

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