Thursday Thirteen – sweetest comments of the past week

I do get a lot of comments on here, and generally I try to answer them all on Saturdays – I was trying to do it every day and it was just too much, it’s actually easier to do in one big chunk. Anyway, I read them as they come in, of course, and I got some of the sweetest comments of the past week, which I thought I would share with you for my TT today! I’m just using the names and addresses from the comment, let me know if you need anything changed, Lil’ Duck and Daddy and I are all playing a modified hide-and-seek, so I don’t have time to run to each blog to find your real name or anything, sorry!
  1. Patty – “My advice to you is cherish every moment as if it is your last. Time flies and when you blink Lil Duck will be a man. When you do it right he will still have that look and mom will still be awesome when he has children. Trust me it is a wonderful feeling when you look at the man you reared and know its good.”
  2. Trace – “This post makes me want to have some of my own! You know, I remember being at a coffee shop sometime in 2005. I watched as a lady and her little boy walked in. He wasn’t much more than 5, so cute in his little boots and jeans – typical “little boy” wear. When his Mom had ordered for them he walked in front of her and opened the door for her and was picking them a table on the patio. It was so heartwarming – movie-like. I wanted to hug him to bits! Your journal reminds me of that feeling.”
  3. Overwhelmed – “I’m really enjoying this age with my son (he’s 19 months old). Like your son, he’s sweet, friendly, and quite outgoing in public. His sunny disposition and beaming smile attracts a lot of attention. He also has such an innocent and refreshing joy of life that I hope doesn’t change for a long, long time.”
  4. Pastormac’s Anne – “What a sweet time. I was just thinking this week about how perfect my baby’s hand still fits into mine. I want to remember the feel of his little hand in mine forever.” She also has a sweet post about her little one to share…
  5. Samantha – “I have sooooooooooo many favorite things about brat1 and brat2 that I couldnt even begin to imagine posting them all. Even when they are mad, sad or just plain mean, ya know? The faces they make, the things they say, the way they ball their fists and put them on their hips…EVERYTHING!”
  6. Raggedy – “I just love it! How cute! You are creating a beautiful blog to look back on later. I am so glad you are doing this. When you read this years from now it will warm your heart and enable to you to hold these moments even closer… Huge Huggles from the Raggedy One.”
  7. Starz Above – “Enjoy EVERY stage – especially stages like this – where the sweetness seems to outweigh the sticky stuff. Before you know it, he’ll be 18 years old, an adult, embarking upon a life of his own, more separate from you than is comfortable, except that you’ll find joy in watching his wings spread so that he can soar!”
  8. Pamela – “You won’t believe it right now…but one day your favorite thing will be watching them pack up and head out on their own.”
  9. Kukka-Maria (who is a talented CAT!) – “I didn’t know Lil’ Duck was a beautiful, beautiful, precious baby! I’m retracting my claws now.”
  10. BooMama – “First of all, I’m so tickled that I’m comment 120. That makes me happy. I LOVE your colors – I’m a fan of apple-y, lime-y greens – and I love the red wall right next to it. Your kitchen is beautiful, too. Thanks so much for doing this – for sharing your home with all of us. I hope it was fun for you!”
  11. Robin – “Oooo…a mother’s love :), and a child’s reciprocal love, two precious, precious wonders. Especially after chocolate invades the whole house! Savor each stage, they’re all full of their own “favorite” memories!”
  12. Zeus (another new cool cat friend) – “I did add your site to my list of Cool Human Pet blogs.” & “I think I want my own duck now!” (ha ha ha, he gets a mention just for the name of that list).
  13. KKAndress – “We have “Bear-Bear” not Bear. Not Teddy. “Bear-Bear”. He also has been through some hard times. Believe it or not, the 3.5 year old now will wait patiently for the whole wash/dry cycle if properly distracted! Of course, this does not account for the endless times he is stolen away while his owner sleeps unawares. Bear-Bear also now has grey eyes instead of black due to his weekly bleach baths and is not so vibrant blue any longer but still loved. . . . and here is the the most humerous part of all. we are on bear-bear #5!!! yup, same exact (Gund) “My first teddy” blue bear with satin neck ribbon. #’s 1-4 live happily in a bag at the back of Mom’s closet in various states of “loved up-ness”. Someday soon the truth will come out I’m sure as at 3.5 yrs old the little man is starting to be suspect of the “miracle bath” Bear-Bear sometimes gets. And the fact that Gund no longer carries this particular Bear. . . really, it’s just too funny but oh so bless-ed when bear-bear does his comforting job as no other friend can!”
I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did, if you get a chance to visit them, you’ll love all their blogs!

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  1. Gee Mama Duck,


  2. Those are some sweet comments you got there… I can see why they are your favourites. :)

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

  3. Awwww…these are really sweet comments. I really like #6 and of course, Zeus’ new desire for a duck. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  4. Thanks for visiting!! Wonderful list.

  5. these were indeed really really sweet!!! I loved your list :)

  6. Whata great idea for a list!!!!!!! you rock! happy t13!

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