Thursday Thirteen – cute things!

Thirteen cute things the Lil’ Duck does right now:

    1. Pulling up his shirt for us to tickle his “button”.
    2. Bouncing up and down on everything while laughing hysterically.
    3. Baby kisses!!
    4. He copies everything we say now – I said that something DH did was “disgusting” and I hear a little “di-gu-ting!” behind me ;).
    5. He loves to cuddle while taking a shower with me – head on the shoulder and all.
    6. Makes his duck “talk” on the cell phone – “helwo?? helwo?? ah-goo, ga ga *incessant babbling* “o-tay” “bbye-D”.
    7. Asks us to put on his clothes and tries to help us do it.
    8. Tries to tie our shoes, complete with looping and everything!
    9. Is in rapturous delight over the littlest things, like his smoothie this evening.
    10. The morning greeting of “hi mama, hi dada” complete with baby kisses and hugs.
    11. The ducky love pats.
    12. “Sharing” his food with everyone, including the ducks, Clifford, the TV, and anything else that looks like it might have a mouth.
    13. Dancing around to music like a crazy baby.

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  1. lil_duck_duck, thanks for tagging my t13. =)

    i wish i can have my own cutey baby…soon.

  2. Jen #

    Aw, so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by, we’re still having tummy trouble.

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